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By the Grace of G-d

Warning: Giving land is dangerous

Israel gave away Gaza. This enabled October 7.

There are those who say, that Arab discontent is causing terrorism. Therefore, they say, Israel must give the Arabs land, so that the Arabs will become content, and that will bring peace.

But what if, instead of encouraging Arabs to be peaceful, it encourages more terrorism, because terrorists will figure that they have what to gain; and the proof is, because their terrorism got them land, so more terrorism will get them more land. With this motivation, and with the land enabling mobilization, and giving terrorists a launching pad for more terror G-d forbid, you’ve provided a recipe for more war.

Giving away land won’t bring peace. On the contrary, as October 7 has clearly shown, it will make things worse.

Critics of Israel claim that you can’t eliminate Hamas, because Gazans and Palestinians are indoctrinated. Well then, if that’s the case, then the argument to not give away any land becomes so much stronger. If you feel that hateful ideology and potential terrorists cannot be blotted out, then why would you want to give away land to these people? Why would you want to again enable and motivate them?

The “solution” (giving away land) ends up being a cause. Instead of calming things, it will enable and encourage the opposite.

You want peace? First take away a clear cause for war. You want to prevent a toddler from starting a fire? Take away the matches.

Remove a cause. And then you’re on first base toward achieving a solution. Take away a terrorist’s matches, and you increase the chances that he won’t start a fire.

So the first step, before anything, is for the Prime Minister to state clearly that Israel is not giving away any land. Period.

Start with basics. Keep the land. Mobilize to defend. And give peace a chance to grow.

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