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WATCH: Sneaking into Israel

A single mother of six is one of thousands of Palestinians who illegally enter the country to find work every day. The 1-hour journey starts at 4:30 am

Every day, tens of thousands of Palestinians illegally enter Israel to find work. They sneak across the border because they are denied entry permits and there is no work to be found in the West Bank.

My friend is a middle-aged single mother of six children — all of whom are hungry. Even though her youngest child is 5 years old, she has no choice but to leave her children every day to try to make money in Jerusalem, selling nana leaves or cleaning houses so she can feed them. I called UNWRA to get her money and they said they had none. I called the Palestinian Food Bank that has offices in Jerusalem and they said they have no food to give out.

This past Friday, I finally decided to join her to see what it means “to sneak in to Israel.” We left her house at 4:30 in the morning because only under the cover of darkness can she avoid the security forces. When she finally crosses the border and reaches the highway typically there are dozens of Israeli cars waiting there — driven by the whole gambit of Israeli society, including ultra-Orthodox Jews and Israeli Arabs, who charge each Palestinian the exorbitant amount of 200 shekels to bring them to Jerusalem. I made a 5-minute video of the 1-hour trek.

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Robby Berman has a Masters (MPA) from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, a Masters (MBA) from the Baruch School of Business and is the founder & director of the Halachic Organ Donor Society (www.hods.org).
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