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Israel is reportedly on its way to joining the US Visa Waiver Program.
However, the question remains, why would anyone want to visit the US? There are so many other countries with more spectacular scenery and interesting histories covering many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The newly invented US has very little to offer.

Of course, the US never offers anything without strings attached. Israel is being told to pass three new laws and make a “public, legislative and legal” commitment to allow all American citizens to freely enter the country. It is not clear why the US believes it has the right to tell other countries what they should or should not do.

It may have escaped the US’ notice, but Israel suffers continual attacks and attempts at attacks by Arab and Palestinian terrorists. This is why tourists are carefully screened when arriving at Ben Gurion Airport. Many Arabs and Palestinians have made their homes in the US and call themselves Americans. Most are genuine, peaceful, tourists wishing to visit family in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. But we have lost too many innocent civilians to allow potential terrorists to stroll freely into our country. A few questions from highly experienced border guards is a small price to pay for our safety.

The US has never had a problem protecting itself. Just a few years ago, in 1962, the US almost started World War Three when the Soviet Union parked a few small missiles in nearby Cuba.

On a personal note, I have visited the US a few times on business. I found nothing of interest and was saddened to learn of the horrific mistreatment of the land’s original inhabitants. I am not sure that I will return, with or without a visa.

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