We all love a list!  

I love a good listBut what is a good list? It is dependent on detailed research. It needs not to make mistakes, leave out the obvious, seem to be unbalanced or biased. It needs to show process and  thought and compassion.  

So I look back on many months of work. Creating a panel of judges. Ensuring we had an online nomination system. Creating a voting group. Arranging the judging meeting then re-arranging it because of communal events and a general election.

For the first time the judging panel could not do it in one evening and the discussions went on for days after.

The 140 names you see below are leading figures in each category. Page 16 features the full list of Forty Under 40 nominees.

There are some on these lists I know well and others I have never met. The same is true for all the judging panel.

Of course members of the panel were passionate but they also wanted a balance in gender, in denomination, in age profile, politics, between communal professionals and voluntary leadership and in-between.

The names on the sub categories list below show a communal richness of incredible depth, skill and talent.

It still left out so many rabbis, layleaders, and communal professionals all of whom make a vital contribution to our community.

Covid-19 is a challenge to the future of our community, we have amongst us already incredible people who can give us confidence that our community will be well served for many years to come.

For those I already know it has been a privilege and for those I have not met, I look forward to meeting you and learning more from you.

  • Andrew Gilbert, Forty Under 40 panel chairman
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Andrew Gilbert is a London Jewish Forum Trustee
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