We can’t say our hands didn’t spill this blood

For the past two weeks, Israelis have been viciously attacked and murdered by Arab terrorists and the silence from the international community is deafening. Truth be told, I don’t expect anything from them – Jewish blood is not worth that much to them and it never has been.

What makes my stomach turn is that Israel’s leaders and media are hardly batting an eye at these events. We have become so used to turning the other cheek and accepting deadly rocks, Molotov cocktails, rockets and mortars that we are encouraging others to spit upon us literally and figuratively around the world. Even President Rivlin joined in the victim-blaming by sharing his dismay with Danny Gonen’s family at the Shiva that Danny would not have been murdered had he been carrying a weapon – are you serious? Our moral compass is not just broken, it is being destroyed each time we ignore, excuse and even apologize for Arab terror.

But the leaders are a reflection of the people.

We cannot say our hands did not spill this blood.  We have allowed our government to release terrorists – reassuring terrorists that no matter what appalling crime they commit, they will likely spend a few years in prison in better living conditions than many Israelis, and then be released in some prisoner deal.

We cannot say our hands did not spill this blood.  We have allowed rock-throwing and Molotov cocktails to become legitimate methods of ‘resistance’ by setting free those who do so with little more than a warning instead of setting stark examples.  We let this happen daily and we let the media get away with rarely reporting it.

We cannot say our hands did not spill this blood.  We have swallowed the same tired statements of Israeli ministers that Israel “will not tolerate a dribble of rockets” and yet we tolerate it and accept the tit-for-tat.  We accept the IDF’s “proportional response” of blowing up some warehouse in Gaza when Hamas and its cohorts send thousands of Israeli children into bomb shelters with a rocket or mortar.

We cannot say our hands did not spill this blood. By giving the UN Human Rights Commission’s reports legitimacy of any kind by even responding to it, we are showing how nauseatingly insecure we are in our belief that the IDF does its utmost to prevent civilian casualties – indeed maybe too much.  What alarming self-doubt do we show when we read one-minute stories in the Knesset about how moral IDF soldiers are?  We are so petrified of corrupt organizations and ludicrous allegations of war crimes that we fall all over ourselves excusing and explaining.

We cannot say our hands did not spill this blood.  By allowing all of the above to occur in Israel, we have made our Jewish brothers and sisters all over the world less safe and targets for reinvigorated anti-Semitism.

Begin would be embarrassed. Rabin would be in tears. Ben-Gurion would be apoplectic. Herzl, whose birthday we celebrate soon, would simply quote himself: “If you will it, it is no dream – but if you do not will it, it is but a dream and will stay a dream.”

So Israel, what’s it going to be?

About the Author
Eytan Morgenstern moved to Israel seven years ago to become a part of the story.
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