We Need The Daily Wire

My Daily Wire Tumbler.
My Daily Wire Tumbler.

We have to stop this insanity!

(OK, that got your attention).

Not long ago I subscribed to The Daily Wire, and a new world was opened up for me.  For those not in the loop (“lo ba’inyanim,” as we say here in Israel), The Daily Wire  is an American conservative news website. It was founded in 2015 by Ben Shapiro (Jewish) and Jeremy Boreing (not Jewish). They produce many podcasts as well, with well-known conservative pundits such as Matt Walsh, Andrew Clavan, Jordan Peterson, Michael Knowles, Ben Shapiro (of course), and Candace Owens (more on her in a later post- there’s just too much to say).

I think that they are great. They are just what America needs right now, and the fact that they joined forces under one company has given them a much bigger and better public platform to spread their message.

The Daily Wire is not religious, and has nothing to do with religion. I mentioned the founders’ religions for exactly that reason. Being conservative does not mean you have to be religious, or subscribe to any faith at all. Here in Israel we are so divided religiously and politically that it seems we are just stuck that way. Of course, this is inevitable, as this is the Jewish State, and the majority of the population does in fact identify as Jewish, in one way or another. But divided we are.

Tuesday is the Big Day here. We will all go to the polling stations to vote yet again for our “favorite” political party, and then watch the news all night and the next day to find out just how many mandates our party received, and if the government will be “right” or “left”. I’m not too optimistic about the results though, as we have done this many times and been sorely disappointed each time.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Likud (meaning I pay yearly membership and can vote in the primaries, when they have them).  I joined when I first made aliyah in 2005, and have voted consistently for the Likud. Except last time. But after the disaster that was the last government, I have decided to go back to voting Likud. I admit I am not excited about this election and my heart isn’t in it.  This past Shabbat didn’t help. It was a weekend filled with terrorism and carnage. I was horrified and disgusted and amazed all at the same time while I watched several uploaded videos of the attacks taking place, and the terrorists being eliminated by our brave soldiers, police force, and ordinary citizens.

This has become insane. I dread the “Breaking News” which pops up on my phone throughout the day and night. So am I hoping that having the Likud back at the helm will help the situation? Will it change anything? I pray that it will.

But I brought up The Daily Wire for a reason. We need a Hebrew equivalent here in Israel. We need a proper platform where ideologues, professionals, and commentators can get together and spread their messages. I am not talking about the current politicians in the Knesset, each one trying to discount the other, spewing hatred for the other side, screaming over each other and threatening one another, as currently occurs between the right and left-wing parties. I am talking about educated and experienced individuals who will get together willingly to get the facts out there in an organized, mature and intelligent fashion. And they don’t need to be a member of Knesset or running for office. Though I can’t see it happening exactly the way it does in the U.S., I am very intrigued imagining something here in Israel similar to The Daily Wire, with podcasts, TV shows, an  online news outlet, and daily blogs.  True, we have Arutz Sheva and other right-wing news sites, which are great, but I am thinking about something even bigger. We need a platform that will be respected across the board (overly hopeful, you ask?),  very professional, with the ability to make a name for itself. I don’t know if and when this could happen, but when it does, I’ll jump on the bandwagon. Of course, I’m open for suggestions.  But for now, I will continue listening to the Daily Wire every day, and cheering them on.

And here at home, let’s just hope that Election Day goes off without a hitch, and whatever the outcome, let’s pray for the security and prosperity of our great nation!

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Chana Resnick Pinto made aliya in 2005 and lives in the Sharon area of Central Israel. She has a BA in English from Yeshiva University and an MSEd from Bank Street College of Education in New York City. Chana works at Eric Cohen Books in Ra'anana and loves living in Israel. She encourages everyone to stop and smell the flowers and always appreciate the small things.
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