We Remember Daniel Pearl

Daniel Pearl the 38-year-old chief for The Wall Street Journal, On February 1, 2002, he was kidnapped and beheaded while perusing a story in Pakistan.

Moreover, Pearl was investigating links between spy agency ISI and al-Qaeda.
In addition, journalism is nothing but searching for the true, journalist know that the may often dace threatens.

To be more precise, four terrorists were included in this brutal murder, one of them Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has emphasized that he personally beheaded journalist with his “blessed right hand”.

Who is the mastermind of Peal`s murder?

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, he was born in London 1973, hence, he has studied at the London School of Economics, however, he did not graduate.

In Delhi in 1994, he was arrested for kidnapping four tourists, one American and three British.

Terrorists who hijacked a plane in 1999 demanded that Sheikh must be released from prison.

It is important to mention that The Committee to Protect Journalists that:
“Releasing the four men in the case “would only add to the threats facing journalists in Pakistan and deepen Pakistan’s reputation as a haven for terrorists”.

Furthermore, searching for the truth journalists might cost a life, we must never forget them and we have to fight thus murders must be punished.

Besides, many journalists face threatens, many ignore that journalist have to be more protected.

Remember you are able to read articles, you are well informed because someone risked his/her life.

Therefore, I understand, that you are not thinking about it while you are reading an article, but in fact that person could be murder while investigating certain topic in order to present true to public.

We must appreciate it, we, who write have to write more about it. We should never be silent about heroes who died while looking for justice.

Now it is all on us, we must demand justice for Daniel Pearl and journalist who face threatens, who were murdered just because they did their job.

Father of Daniel Pearl clarified that The Pearl family lunched a foundation in Daniel`s name following the killing: “We keep Danny’s memory alive through the Daniel Pearl Foundation, which pursues his life-long mission of spreading friendship and understanding through journalism, dialogue and music,” he said.

Nevertheless, we who write are Daniel Pearl.

You who read this, if you share story about Daniel Pearl, are helping us to stay strong and never give up on true.

We should never forget the act of his bravery and his last words:
“I am Jewish.”

To conclude, because of justice we should never remain silent and tolerate threatens and ignore terrorist acts.

Being journalist means being brave to stand up against evil and lies.

In the name of true we should never remain silent.

May his memory be a blessing.

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She loves to write and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She studies Art History and Theory.
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