We Should Thank the Sluts, Dykes and SJW For Banning Jews!

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I would like to publically thank the Slut Walk, Dyke March and Social Justice March for essentially banning Jews and our symbols at their events!

Both the Slut and Dyke events are diametrically opposed to everything the Torah stands for and it would have been an absolute embarrassment for Jewish symbols to be present at those events. The Torah preaches modesty (for men and women) stating in Numbers 15:39 “and you shall not wander after your hearts and after your eyes” and obviously, opposes the act of homosexuality calling it an “abomination” Leviticus 18:22.

There is no doubt that the upcoming “Justice March” in Washington DC on Yom Kippur will be filled with the same anti-Semites who regularly call for Israel’s annihilation! How amazing it is that these same anti-Semites chose Yom Kippur for their date essentially locking out most Jews from their event!

Yes, I am sure some crazy die-hard “secular Jewish social justice warriors” will go to the march, thus fulfilling the verses from Leviticus – Chapter 23:29-30: “For any person who will not be afflicted on that very day, shall be cut off from its people. And any person who performs any work on that very day I will destroy that person from amidst its people“.

We Jews, are the children of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and the generation that heard and saw God’s voice at Mount Sinai when He declared “I am the Lord Your God” and we responded with a resounding “We shall do and we shall listen”!

Sad how it takes a bunch of anti-Semites to remind the Jews of who they are and where they are from!

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