Brandy Shufutinsky

We Told You

Time and again the Jewish community has stated that anti-Zionism is antisemitism. We have been met consistently with claims that criticism of the Israeli government is not antisemitic. Many have gone so far as to use this as an excuse to not support the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, instead choosing to redefine what Jew hatred is.

We have stated many times over how anti-Zionism manifests into an open embrace of the worst antisemitic tropes, giving excuse for bigots to engage in Jew hate. Those who would not listen tried to reassure us and themselves that this was not the case. They tried to silence us, believing us hysterical, as though we could not read the tea leaves–as though we haven’t seen this all before. 

In May, when Israel defended itself from terror attacks, from Hamas cowards who hid behind civilians in Gaza, the opportunity to demonize the only Jewish state in the world once again rose. Jew haters did not hesitate to spread lie after lie, claiming that Israel was committing genocide, declaring that Hamas terrorists were justified in their indiscriminate targeting of Israelis because of some false “occupation”-conveniently ignoring the fact that in 2005 Jews were forced to leave their homes, businesses, and belongings behind as the Israeli government relocated them. Gaza has not been under any type of “occupation” other than the occupation of the terrorist group its citizens elected in 2006/2007. Terror supporters all over the world, including in the United States, swarmed the streets, attacking people, not because they were Israeli, not because they were Zionists, but because they were Jews. 

The vandalism on a Jewish fraternity at The George Washington University, including the desecration of the fraternity’s Torah scrolls, is supposedly under investigation. And while I do not know the outcome of said investigation, what I do know is that I am not surprised. Ever since the widespread violence against Jews in America in May 2021, I have been bracing myself for the reality that would most likely face Jewish students when they returned to campuses this fall.

Well, here it is.

Reports of Mezuzoth being torn from door frames, Jewish students being targeted and harassed, and Torah scrolls being destroyed — all on American university campuses where students should be safe from targeted attacks rooted in bigotry have been growing. As the parent of Jewish children, I cannot commit to sending my children to universities that will not provide them the protection they deserve. As an alumni to several renowned institutions of higher learning I will not contribute financial support unless those universities take an unwavering stand against Jew hatred. All I can say to those who would not and still do not listen is, we told you.

About the Author
Brandy Shufutinsky is a social worker, writer, researcher, and advocate. She holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of San Francisco in International and Multicultural Education and her MSW from the University of Southern California. Brandy has worked towards advancing the rights of victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault within the military community through practice, education, and research. Currently she is working towards developing intercultural and academic opportunities to enhance liberal democratic ideals.
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