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Welcome to “ FATF-Grey List”- President Erdogan

After the defeat and overthrow of the Ottoman Caliphate, the strongman Atatürk Devrimleri instituted a series of political, religious, judicial, social, and economic reforms to make Turkey a modern secular state in 1923, after several years after the end of the first World War.

The major theme of his reform was for Turk to abandon “Gazi culture” that engulfed their history for fighting for Rouran barbarians of the history, Mongols of the Genghis Khan, and Medieval Caliphates. Central to his personal conviction was that Turkey has to modernize and become part of the west by adopting plurality, human rights for minorities (Kurds, Armenians, and Greeks), Democratic governance with check and balance, Social reforms by discarding Islamic orthodoxy, where women are granted equal social status and economic opportunities. The additional reforms involved were Jury prudence and equity in law for all citizens, economic developments, and the use of alphabets (educational reforms) from their oldest script. He even assumed dictatorship to maintain the secular tradition of Turkey. His number of successors followed his reforms and Turkey became a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty organization) and advanced rapidly until Erdogan grabbed the power.

Since President Erdogan had come to power, various intelligence agencies allege that Turkey has developed a nexus with several groups like “ISIS” that suppress minorities through violence and conversion that he publicly denies. The alleged goal is the resurrection of the worldwide establishment of caliphate states, paying homage to Istanbul. Some of his financial activities for support to these causes have caught the notice of FATF (Financial Action Task Force). The Financial Action Task Force initially was created for “Money Laundering” for illegal activities that use international banking channels. After 9-11, its mandate is expanded to include terrorism funding. It is an intergovernmental organization that requires monitoring and the countries involved will be sanctioned through various international institutions until they implement corrective actions suggested and audited by this task force.

Pakistan has been supporting the Taliban and other terrorist organizations that have been under “Grey List” for a number of years but have not implemented the actions plan recommended by FATF to remove itself from the Greylist., a notch below complete economic isolation. Under Erdogan, Turkey has reoriented her policies away from Ataturk and joined the cause of extremism, and alleged to have given support to a certain organization that supports militancy and violence. ISIS-K organization that killed the number of innocents Afghan civilians and American military personnel is listed as a terrorist organization and any or all support will fall under the preview of FATF and will be subjected to their action.

BBC and several other media reports suggest that Turkey is put on “Grey List” by FATF.

This must come as a shock to Mr. Erdogan. BBC reports Mr. Erdogan’s reaction here:

“Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he has ordered 10 ambassadors, including those from the US and France, be declared “persona non grata”.

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