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Summarizing the content of the published 42 Posts (backed initially by more than 20 books and other materials) we could consider that the Kabbalistic Messianic era now is finishing and we are entering into the new cosmic cycle Olam HaBah, with 3D and 4D Reality! This is the reality of the Hew Heaven and the New Earth, where New Humankind will live on it!

Summarizing the content of the published 42 posts (backed initially by more than 20 books and other materials) we could consider that the Kabbalistic Messianic era now is finishing and we are entering into the new cosmic cycle Olam HaBah, with 3D and 4D Reality! This is the reality of the Hew Heaven and the New Earth, where New Humankind will live on it!

The purpose of the published Posts was to introduce some main archetypal ideas of the coming new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle and the Path to it. They included: a)  Exodus from the Babylonian type of contemporary civilisation; b) Tracing the Rainbow Path, going through the Spiritual School of the Soul (in the World of Yetzirah) and the Mystery School of the Spirit (in the World of Beriah), towards the CREATOR in the World of Emanation; c) Receiving the Ten Divine Blessings, coming from the Tree of Life for the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle; d) Describing the Ten Heavens in the New Cycle; e) Meeting the Coming (or the Second Second) of the Divine Masters  and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine;  f) receiving  the Blessings for Cocreation with them.

One of main tasks of the Integral Messiah Institute, which I introduced in the previous Post, is to organise the Journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem led by the Light of the Integral Messiah. This is the  Light of the whole Messianic Line of Divine Masters revealing the new cosmic cycle. We could envisage fractals (similar events) for the Journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem in accordance with the Coming (or New Coming) of one or another Divine Master, but naturally the most appropriate choice is to start with the glorious Exodus led by Moses. This was one of the greatest Divine events in human history!

From a Kabbalistic point of view, the Exodus of the Hebrew people, led by Moses, is described in the remarkable book Kabbalah and Exodus by the late Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi (Peace and Light to his Soul). I am very thankful and highly appreciative of Z’ev ben Simon Halevi’s books on the Kabbalah which reveal the Kabbalistic essence of the Exodus and the eternal mysteries of the Tora!  In the book Kabbalah and Exodus, there are profound explanations which include detailed Kabbalistic Figures such as Jacob’s Ladder (p.16), the Ladder of Genesis (p.26), the Ladder of Exodus (p.102), the Ten Commandments (p.116), the Ladder of Mount Sinai (p.128) and many more… For instance, under the Figure 12. Ladder of Mount Sinai, Halevi writes: With their camp at the Foundation of the ego, the Israelites ascend to the food of Holy Mountain. Here where the three lower Worlds meet, they stay below the barriers while the Elders of the psyche and Moses go on up.  At the level of the fourth Heaven the Elders wait at the Crown of Formation where they glimpse through the Beauty of Creation the Kingdom of Emanation into which Moses goes to commune with the Divine. (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, Kabbalah and Exodus, Samuel Weiser, INC. York Beach, Maine, 1988, p. 128)

As I quoted the great Kabbalist Leo Schaya in one of my Posts, the Zohar teaches that the first Tablets emanated from the Tree of Life, but that Israel, by worshiping the golden calf, was judged unworthy of benefiting from them. Therefore, Moses, following the divine command, gave the people other Tablets, ‘which came from the side of the Tree of Good and Evil’ (…this is permitted, this is forbidden.  (Leo Schaya, The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah, Unwin Paperbacks, 1989, p.15).

Naturally, when humankind enters into the new cosmic cycle of evolution, the Divine Commandments (which are eternal in the Worlds of Formation and Asyyah) will receive the content of  Ten Divine Blessings in the World of Beriah. They will be for all humanity and will bless us for life in the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem on Earth!

The change of the present Indo-European cosmic cycle is the Will of G-d and humankind has inevitably to start its Exodus from the existing Babylonian type of civilisation to the higher worlds! For this purpose, the Jewish people and the rest of humankind, need to neutralise the negative Lucifer (egocentric), Ahriman (materialistic) and Antichrist (violent) energies in their lives. [They are described shortly in the Post, Elections in Israel and Preparing for the New Exodus, from 01.11.2022].

So, the Exodus requires a gradual shift from ego-personality to blossoming of the Soul and awakening of the Divine Spirit within. Love for G-d and the neighbours and developing all  human virtues are the keys for the success of this process. Only society, based on people with awakened Souls and Spirits, could ascend to the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle.

The Exodus itself starts with the warm desire to leave the slavery in the material world and to go through the Spiritual School of the Soul (in the World of Formation), through the Mystery School of the Spirit (in the World of Beriah),  reaching the cosmic level of consciousness on the level of Metatron. Obviously, on each stage on the Journey (that of the followers, the spiritual disciples and the Initiates) we have to have a suitable style of life in order to achieve its goals.

The Ultimate Goal of the Exodus is receiving the Initiation of Enoch. In this highest state of consciousness, we could see not only from one end of the World to the other, but could embrace the past, the present, and the future in the history of Humankind. It is well known that Buddha, during his Enlightenment, was able to see everything what existed in the past, everything what is existing in the present, and everything what could exist in the future. In our state, at this level of cosmic consciousness, we could contemplate the wholeness of the outgoing Indo-European cycle, the dramatic transition to the new cycle, and the coming new Heavenly Jerusalem cosmic cycle! This might happen through the contemplation of the Messianic Line from the previous cycle and the activated Messianic Line of the New Coming of the Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine on an etheric level for the new cycle.

In this supreme state of consciousness, the whole picture of the new Heavenly Jerusalem cycle will be revealed to us, as we will see the integral light of all Heavens. All the Sefiroth will be transparent, dynamic, interconnected, interacting Divine emanations of the CREATOR, Who radiates the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle, with New Heaven, New Earth and New Humankind. In this level of Divine consciousness, we will attain the supreme Truth of Human Being as the perfect image of the universal reality, as an organic part of the essence of ADAM KADMON! This is the ultimate goal of our Exodus and the Initiation of the legendary Enoch!

In such a supreme state of consciousness, we could also contemplate and glorify the great name of G-d, the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, as the code, the archetypes of the new Tree of Life – the reality of the New Heaven, New Earth and New Humankind. Below I will quote some fundamental statements about the name of God, the Tetragrammaton, and the shorten name of   G-d Yah, which reveal different archetypal aspects in the great Kabbalistic tradition. Obviously, they have a direct connection with the goals of the New Exodus:

In his book, The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah, the great Kabbalist Leo Shaya reveals: Finally, and still in relation to the same symbolism, the four letters of the name YHVH signify in particular the archetypes of the ‘four worlds or fundamental degrees of divine all-reality. The yod (kether-hokhmah) represents the archetype of olam ha’atsiluth, the ontological ‘world of emanation’, which is nothing other than the infinite level of the ten Sefiroth. The first he (binah) symbolizes the archetype of olam haberiyah, the ideal ‘world of creation’, a purely spiritual level on which dwells divine immanence (shekhinah). The vav (the unity of the six active Sefiroth of cosmic ‘construction’) is the archetype of olam hayetsirah, the subtle, celestial and psychic ‘world of formation’, the cosmic level on which dwell angels, souls and genii, on various planes. The final he (malkhuth), is the archetype of olam ha’asiyah, the sensory ‘world of fact’, the corporeal universe. (Leo Shaya, the Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah, A Mandala book, UNWIN, London, p152-153) This fundamental archetypal structure of the Tree of Life now is substantiated with the reality of the New Heaven, New Earth and New Humankind in the Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle!”

Again, in accordance to Leo Schaya: Each Sefirah, although synthetically invoked through one of the letters of YHVH, has besides an ‘appelative name’ of his own. ehyeh, ‘ being’, is the name  proper to kether, while Yah refers to hokhmah, the first and undifferentiated emanation of being; (Ibid., p.149). Here it is very important to emphasise that for Leo Schaya: Yet the reasons for the substitution of the name Yah for that of YHVH are not only restrictive, for  since they are connected, from the cyclical point of view, with the ‘end of time’, this end ceases also to be of a purely negative character; on the contrary, according to the prophets, it precedes a positive renewal, namely, the creation of ‘a new Heaven and a new earth’ – more perfect than those now existing – as well as the creation of a new Jerusalem, whose ‘places shall be sacred to YHVH and will never be laid waste nor destroyed’. By the very fact that it is the name to be invoked by the ‘last generation’, Yah is also the name for the return to the ‘beginning’, to the perfect original of all things. It is different from the tetragrammaton, the efficacity of which is above all ‘descending’, revelatory and existential, for the name Yah is in fact the name of ‘ascent’ and of redemption; it is exactly the name of the ‘beginning’ and of the ‘end’ of every ontological emanation and cosmic manifestation of God, while the name YHVH is the whole emanation and the whole manifestation. (Ibid., p.159).

If we study carefully the fundamental book of Leo Shaya, we will understand that the invocation of the name Yah by the ‘last generation’ is in fact the name for the return to the ‘beginning’, … and the name of ‘ascent’ and of redemption; it is exactly the name of the ‘beginning’ and of the ‘end’ of every ontological emanation and cosmic manifestation of God.

Let me emphasis that because we are at the End of Time, if we do not follow the Divine Blessings and the Exodus to the new cosmic cycle, then we have again to wonder in the desert of life, but this time the outcome has to be positive!!! Otherwise, we risk the extinction of our civilisation! In other words, following the fractal repetition of the Exodus led by Moses, the unfaithful people have to go for many years, perhaps even more than forty, in the desert of life, in order to die for their egos and to awaken their Souls. The negative dark forces (Lucifer, Ahriman and Antichrist) are very difficult to conquer and this will require a big journey with rebellions in the desert of earthly life.

By journeying in the desert of earthly life, the people will struggle with their ideologies, believes, cannons, rituals from the existing religions – the result of the First Coming Consciousness. Only the ‘new generation’, by developing the Second Coming Consciousness,  will enter into the Heavenly Jerusalem cosmic reality because they be led by Light of the Integral Messiah. which is the Light of the Messianic Line in the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle! Thus, in the new reality all humankind will experience the fulfilled prophecies by Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, St. John, Zoroaster, Muhammad, Imam Mahdi and many more! Let us hope however, that our Journey will be successful and we, altogether, will enter into the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle!

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Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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