What a Cease-Fire Means as a Father

My son is serving in the army near Gaza. As a father, I am proud of my son for his commitment to keeping Israel safe. But I am also worried as a parent. There is a sense of pride that all parents feel when their children are in the army.

I am also from the United States, so my views may be a bit different than Israelis who are accustomed to their children going into the army.

Since service is voluntary in the US, there’s a major sense of pride when children go into the army. It may be normal for Israelis to have their children go into service, but it’s taking me a while to get used to my son being in Gaza serving.

There’s always fear in the back of my mind that something can happen to my son at any moment.

You just never know what can happen.

Israel and Hamas are nearing an agreement to cease-fire after an uproar following Israel’s elections. Yahya Sinwar has discussed the issue with other factions in Palestine, and while he claims that the “fingers are on the trigger,” he is preparing the groundwork for a long-term cease-fire in the area.

It’s a sigh of relief any time violence and turmoil comes to an end.

Before my child entered the army, I was still concerned about what was going on with Hamas, but everything seems to be amplified since he started serving.

Sinwar’s groundwork for peace includes an improvement for the economic situation in Gaza. It’s a compromise that will lead to saved lives, and it is one that makes sense. Peaceful negotiations are always better than violence.

But there’s also the consideration of the political environment across the world right now.

Sinwar is careful to state that the agreements are not direct, and there will be no recognition of Israel. He is very careful in saying this because he doesn’t want the general public to think that the agreement has anything to do with United States President Donald Trump.

Trump’s administration has discussed a “peace plan,” but he has done little to help with the current negotiations.

A moment of peace exists for me, and many parents, but Sinwar also refuses to demilitarize the Gaza Strip. The “weapon of resistance” will remain in place, and this means that there’s always a chance of military hostilities to escalate the matter once again.

I am relieved for even a day of peace, but I am not confident that the peace will last long.

Trump is reportedly in the middle of what his administration is calling the “deal of the century.” I don’t believe it. The plan is estimated to be presented in June, but I don’t see how it’s going to help. The plan is meant to improve the lives of Palestinians, but we have seen something similar in the past.

Reagan passed a plan that offered $1.5 billion in aid to improve living conditions, yet the plan fell apart and only $250 million was dispersed before opposition picked back up.

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