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What about them?

WARNING: This article contains graphic descriptions of atrocities

What happened on 7 October is more than a milestone for the world, it is the vulnerability of the West, represented by Israel in the Middle East.

However, it is very unfortunate that the West itself is largely against the only Hebrew state on the face of the earth, which would lead one to conclude that Hebrews or Jews are not very welcome in some places. Common places even. And, in the terrible, atrocious, inhuman, bloody and unspeakable events that are still unknown to those who do not want to understand them, they leave an open wound of a crime against humanity against women. But is it impossible to see “feminists” (almost all of them on the left) advocating for the muted voice of the Israeli and Jewish women who were raped, tortured and murdered?

Israelis, and also Jewish women from different parts of the world, including girls, old women, teenagers and even babies, yes, babies. But, even though there are records of all kinds and the events are so recent that you can still hear the fresh narrative of the events. The blood is fresh and the tears of all those martyrs cry out for justice, and you can hear it in the quiet streets of Israel.

You do not see the non-governmental organisations, nor the other institutions that advocate for human rights and women’s rights in particular, speaking out for the unjustifiable, which in this case would be to give reason to the horrific events that took place three months ago, on October 7, 2023. It is also criminal not to reject and rebuke what the terrorist group Hamas did, with the full support of Iran and Hezbollah, and who knows who else.

The unfortunate events of 7/10 revealed once again that Israel is destined to be an isolated beacon among the nations, and that the 7 enemy nations stand firm, today multiplied by hundreds.

He who does not want to hear let him not hear, but the truth is only one, and all the more so when the lie is so blatant and soaring, as it should be.

From the accounts of the survivors who had the misfortune to be there at that time but whose destiny it was to be able to continue their lives and to witness and bear witness to such humiliations against a group of innocent individuals who were violated in every way and killed because they were Israelis and Jews.

In the case of the females, almost all of them were sexually violated. Girls were found with their pelvises broken, shattered. With nails in their thighs, and even their genitals mutilated. Other girls who survived and were not abducted were found without underwear, traumatised, unable to speak, crying internally, and in shock.

In the videos that the terrorists themselves uploaded to their dreadful social networks, you can see girls bloodied in the noblest areas. Also, you can see the corpses in most cases mangled and even incinerated, without underwear or with their underwear pulled down. You can see all the signs of torture on them, and the expressions on their faces are easy to imagine. That is, the expression of hopelessness and utmost suffering.

How painful it is that most Western women’s organisations do nothing about this, but the media, too, are generally trying to blur the role and the situation of Israel, which has had to defend itself over the years against enemies with many tentacles, who attack the only democracy in the Middle East with all possible means.

In conclusion, what the “feminists” demonstrate is that their cause is politicised and infiltrated by a rotten ideology. It also shows the double standards and, above all, the “political correctness” of their hypocritical and unfounded discourse. Little or none.

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