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What color accessories should you buy?

A bold fuchsia sandal! (Photo credit: Jennifer Nataf for Jerusalem Street Style)
A bold fuchsia sandal! (Photo credit: Jennifer Nataf for Jerusalem Street Style)

Should you buy bags and shoes, gloves and hats, jackets and other outerwear in a color so scrumptious you wish you could marry it and have its babies?

Or should you be sensible and resist temptation, as you recall that the last time you bought such a colorful item, it was such a challenge to incorporate it in your outfits that you only wore it a handful of times?

I give all my clients the following advice: if you want to be able to pull together outfits easily (this is the key word: “EASILY”), invest in accessories that are either black or a neutral tone. And by “neutral”, I mean: shades of white, cream or off-white, shades of beige and brown, metallics (gold, bronze, platinum, silver), even grey or navy for those who don’t do black. An animal print in neutral colors can be considered a “neutral” for the bolder among us.

What about other colors? Should you buy shoes and bags, hats and gloves, jackets and outerwear in scrumptious, bold, non-neutral colors?

Here are some questions to help you decide!

1) Do you own at least one pair of multi-purpose, dress-up/dress-down shoes, at least one bag and at least one jacket, in black AND in a neutral color?

If the answer yes, move on to question #2…

If the answer is no, you need to invest in these first before buying shoes or bags in a non-neutral color.

2) Do you own many items of clothing and other accessories with that very same color you’re tempted by (or a shade of it)?

If the answer is yes – buy!

If the answer is no, move on to question #3…

If you’re willing to keep the rest of your outfit simple in order to wear the scrumptious color, go for it! (Photo credit: Jennifer Nataf for Jerusalem Street Style)

3) Are you willing to keep your entire outfit extremely simple and neutral (e.g. jeans with a white top and black blazer) in order for you to wear those beautiful fuschia shoes or that stunning turquoise bag? And are you willing to wear such extremely simple and neutral outfits as a backdrop for that fabulous color often enough to be able to wear the item and justify the purchase?

If the answer is yes, buy the item in the scrumptious color.

If the answer is no – deny yourself. I promise you, it won’t kill you. Even if you’re momentarily thinking it might.

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