Aviva Yoselis
Board Certified Patient Advocate

What decisions does a caregiver need to make in this pandemic?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired.  Not so much physically tired, more like, drained perhaps?

Who knew that uncertainty could be so exhausting? Are the kids going to school or aren’t they?

Can I go visit my grandchildren or do I have to stay home? Should I go food shopping or just order online?

It feels like every small decision needs a huge boost of mental energy.  I already want to take a nap, just writing a few of them down.

For those of us who have taken on the world of caregiver, the myriad of tiny decisions has become overwhelming.

In order to try and reduce a bit of the decision fatigue we all seem to be facing these days, I’ve put together a mini decision tree (that’s my public health brain, sorry) to try and ease the burden a bit.

First off, I often find myself debating as to whether or not I should even take my mother to the doctor? Is the problem bad enough versus the risk of Covid exposure, for her and for me?  So, I’ve put together a brief decision guide:

Medical Appt Decision Tree chart




Another issue I’ve seen many people debating over the past few months was whether they needed additional help in the house.  This could mean bringing in a once a week cleaner to hiring a live-in 24/7 professional carer.  I’ve put together another brief decision tree to help assist this decision.

Hiring Help Decision Tree Chart




Hopefully, this will give you a bit more help, going forward.

If you’d like more information and support like this, please join us January 11, at 8 pm, for the beginning of a FREE online series given by colleague, Tamar Meisel, and myself on Caregiving during Covid.  Register here if you are interested! 

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Aviva Yoselis, MPH, BCPA, founder of and director of Health Advize, a social impact enterprise to improve healthcare access for all. She is an expert in the field of health research, health behavior modification, and shared medical decision making, with over 25 years of experience teaching about public health issues and health systems navigation. She has a broad understanding of the biological sciences, biostatistics, epidemiology, clinical trials, and current issues in healthcare. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health and was the first person to become a board-certified patient advocate outside of North America. Prior to moving to Israel, Aviva worked in the USA in health education and advocacy for low-income minority communities
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