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What do Trump, BDS and Hitler have in common? Crazy?!

Recently, they’ve all been called insane, mad, disturbed, wacky, nuts, etc.

However, Hitler was not crazy. He knew what he was doing and mental illness (is there such a thing?) did not cause his obsession with destroying the Jews. He was also not stupid – hunting Jews was not a mistake. We have a term for what he did: going evil.

His desire, plan and execution of trying to exterminate all Jews was not the result of a wrongly wired brain (is there such a thing?) and not of a lack of brain power but a sliding off into wickedness, going with the flow of millennia-old antisemitism. (He didn’t even invent this. He just went the old way, now by modern means.)

BDS is such a mistake as underpaying women. It’s not crazy. It is evil.

Trump’s White House is not Crazytown. Trump is not “mentally ill.” He’s effectuating a lot of oppression but that is not “sick” or stupid – it is evil.

Last but not least, the whole concept of mental illness is a farce. When people are called “mentally impaired,” also by professionals, what they mean to say is: I don’t have the time, energy, empathy or love to listen enough to you – because if they did, they would understand them – and be able to help them.

Psychiatrists now often don’t even try to listen. Here’s your diagnosis, here are your pills, have a good life. These diagnoses are always perfect. First of all, by labeling people, you rob them of their trust to rise above their problems. They then feel unloved and love is the first condition for mental change. And if that doesn’t do it, the “medication” will freeze their brains so that in decades from now, they’ll still be the same. I drug you, you won’t bug me. Fool-proof approach! But not healing.

Respect for “crazy” people should already demand that you don’t use the word crazy. Wars are not crazy. They are against thinking well about the world’s needs. People with “heavy” emotional problems often have no problem thinking well about the world’s needs. Wars are destructive, inhumane, depressing but not insane. Sanity is: not to use these words again. Psychiatric patients are “all there,” “don’t go off the rails,” are not “off the deep end,” etc. If you think that, you haven’t listened to them long enough. You would panic too if it happened to you.

So don’t call people who do evil “crazy” and don’t call anybody “crazy.”


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The author is a fetal survivor of the pharmaceutical industry (DES - Diethylstilbestrol), born in 1953 to two Holocaust survivors in The Netherlands, and holds a BA in medicine (University of Amsterdam). He taught Re-evaluation Co-counseling, became a social activist, became religious, made Aliyah, and raised three wonderful kids. He wrote an unpublished tome about Jewish Free Will. He's a vegan for 8 years now. His writing has been made possible by an allowance for second generation Dutch Holocaust survivors. It has been his dream since he was 38 to try to make a difference by teaching through writing. How ironic that he who had three times 90 for Dutch at his finals is spending his days communicating in English and Hebrew. G-d definitely has a sense of humor. His most influential teachers (chronologically) are: his parents, Wim Kan, Mozart, Harvey Jackins, Marshal Rosenberg, Reb Shlomo Carlebach and LBCHLCH, Rabbi Dr. Natan Lopes Cardozo and Rav Zev Leff. Previously, for decades, he was known to the Jerusalem Post readers as a frequent letter writer. His fields of attention are varied: Psychology (including Sexuality), Medicine, Science, Politics (Israel, the US and the Netherlands, Activism), Oppression and Liberation (of young people, the elderly, non-Whites, women, workers, Jews, GLBTQI, foreigners, and anyone else who's dehumanized and exploited), Integrity, Philosophy, Jews (Judaism, Zionism, Holocaust and Jewish Liberation) and Veganism. Many of his posts will relate to current affairs from the news or the Torah Portion of the Week or to new insights that suddenly befell him. He always tries to bring something original and to avoid boring you or wasting your time with the obvious. To send a personal reaction to him, scroll to the top of the blog post and click on Contact Me.
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