What Hamas Wants From Israel

It’s been 30 years since Hamas was founded on the foundation of terrorism.

Today, Hamas is organizing in Gaza a huge anti-Israel march for the Palestinian “Land Day”.

Hamas members in Gaza.

The real question though, is, what does Hamas want from Israel?

Many people claim that Hamas wants to destroy Israel, but is it true?

Well, the name “Hamas” is an acronym of ‘Islamic Resistance Movement’. According to Hamas’ co-founder, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, Hamas was created in order to ‘liberate Palestine’, and create an Islamic state instead of what is now Israel, including the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

You don’t need to be smart to understand what it means: wipe out Israel until the very last citizen.

Hamas is recognized as terror group by many countries including Japan, Canada, Jordan, USA and Israel.

Hamas has been launching terror attacks, backed by Iran, against Israeli civilians; what caused many fatalities to the Israeli side. Ever since Hamas was founded, it brought nothing good to this world — nothing but terror.

The craziest part here is that Hamas doesn’t care for their own people, they are willing to sacrifice them too, for the sake of their ‘holy purpose’. They send Gazans to violent riots that put them at risk, use them as human shields and instead of investing in people, Hamas is investing in terrorism everyday.

The cost of one terror tunnel is approximately $3,000,000. This money is coming not only from Iran, but from European tax payers and other humanitarian bodies that aim to help the people of Gaza that suffer severe poverty and water crisis.

Hamas is stealing this money, and using it to achieve their purpose – the destruction of Israel.

Their one and only purpose is to destroy Israel, not to care for Gaza or the Palestinian people.

This Friday, Hamas yet again will practice its method — use civilians for Hamas’ benefit.

About the Author
Hananya Naftali is a native born Israeli Jew, IDF reservist and social media influencer. He fought Hamas in the Protective Edge operation, used to live in a community in Samaria and he is popular for his videos about the Middle East conflict.
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