Cherryl Smith

What is at stake in the war against Israel?

When Russia started bombing Ukraine, were there calls for Ukraine to create a humanitarian corridor for Russians? Were world leaders flying to Ukraine to tell Volodymyr Zelensky that he must make sure that the Russian population is protected by Ukraine?

How about 9/11? Did the US announce it would protect the non-terrorists from harm? Or the Japanese after Pearl Harbor?

Are there any other countries who must provide proof in order to be believed that they were attacked and their children butchered? Israel needed to take journalists on tours of the carnage.

And why were world leaders suddenly flying into Israel? They could have offered their support from their home countries without taking up the time of Israel’s war cabinet or by their presence possibly causing delay to the IDF’s ground operation. Didn’t this simply ensure that the leadership of Hamas would be harder to locate and destroy?

An exceptionally moral military that has been called the most moral in the world is facing terrorists who murder, rape, kidnap, and torture children, young people, and families.

It is Hamas who blocked the roads and shot at their own people who were trying to move south as Israel had asked them to do for their safety.  Israel is trying to get Gazans out of harm’s way, as the IDF always does when it must go into hostile cities and towns, while Hamas uses its own people as human shields.

The Hamas surprise attack on Simchat Torah, the beautiful holiday when Jews around the world celebrate the giving of the Torah, was perpetrated in part by Gazans whom Israelis had trusted to work on their kibbutz. The kibbutzim that were attacked are next door to Gaza and the terrorist/workers secretly made precise drawings of ways to enter the homes of the people who live there. They and other terrorists were the murderers of Israeli families.

By the end of the week of the Simchat Torah attack the terrorists were so emboldened by their successful murder and kidnapping of Jews that they called for a world-wide Day of Jihad. The Hamas Charter is very specific about what it means by jihad. To them it means the killing or subjugation of Jews and other “infidels.” Large marches and rallies took place around the world in support of Hamas.

Do Americans, Europeans, British, Canadians and others, who live in democratic countries yet march and carry signs supporting Hamas, not understand that Israel is just the front line, an outpost in the Middle East, of freedom, diversity, and democracy? Do they not realize that their freedoms and their lives are also at stake?

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Cherryl Smith's new book is FRAMING ISRAEL, A Personal Tour of Media and Campus Rhetoric. She is professor emerita of rhetoric and composition at California State University, Sacramento. She has lived in Tel Aviv since 2016.
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