Nathan G. Fishman
Nathan G. Fishman

What Matters to Me in 2020

In less than a year, Americans will be going to their local polling booths to choose who will become the President of the United States. While it is not entirely clear who will be the nominee from the Democratic Party, unless something terrible happens Donald Trump will be the incumbent running as a Republican.

I was thinking about making this about a specific candidate, but I decided I would make it more about the issues I care about in 2020. Now, if this were any other platform, I would be speaking strictly as an American. However, due to the nature of this blog, I will be approaching this from the perspective of a Jew. What do I, as a nominally religious American Jew, care about concerning the American election? What does my candidate support or not support? Well, I’m going to discuss the issues that matter to me as a Jew, in no particular order.

The First Amendment

Well, it goes without saying that as a religious minority, I need the ability to worship how I want, and how God tells me to. This requires the defense of the innate human right to worship freely, speak freely, assemble freely, and all the rights indicated in the First Amendment. Very simple. Nothing much else needs to be said.

The Second Amendment

As a Jew, I know that while being a victim is a mindset, being a target isn’t. Which is why I will be voting for candidates that will preserve my right to keep and bear arms. But more importantly, should the government take a turn for the worse and start persecuting the Jews, I want the government to know that we will fight back against tyranny. Thank God that isn’t the case, but it is the Second Amendment that keeps potential dictators in check.


Being Jewish is expensive. All the holidays, kosher food, synagogue memberships, Yeshiva tuition, and rites of passage ceremonies make being Jewish a real pain in your wallet. I will be voting for a candidate that will lower my taxes as much as realistically possible. Yes, we need police, and we need roads, and functioning governments. But do it on the cheap please, because God already demands from us a lot.

School Choice

Speaking of Yeshiva tuition, I don’t understand why my parents had to pay for my schooling twice. First they had to pay taxes to the local governments to pay the public schools which I didn’t attend, and then they had to pay the day schools in order for me to go to Yeshiva. With the rise of the cost of universities, it is becoming more and more important that the government send the money we pay in taxes to the institutions that we actually send our children to. Or, at the very least, allow us to opt out of paying for the public schools. Especially if we don’t attend them.


As a Jew, I believe every life is precious, even those of the unborn. To that end, I will be voting for candidates that at the very least will put more limits on abortion in the US, especially Planned Parenthood. I might write another post about them, but right now, the important thing is pro-life legislation that protects the life of the mother and the child. I refuse to support the anti-human and anti-woman abortion industry.

Police And Military

One of the most important things in a functioning society is the rule of law. The police uphold the law. And I am also very appreciative of the officers that have stood guard at my synagogue, making sure that my community can attend prayers on Saturday. And the same thing with the military. I will be supporting the candidates that support our troops and our boys in blue. And I will also be looking at candidates who wish to improve the VA for our veterans.


I never in a million years thought that children would get involved in the transgender movement, but here we are. Sitting by as children get harmed is not a Jewish value, and I find it embarrassing that the only people making noise about it are Christians, as if it is a Jewish value to harm children. I will be voting for a candidate that promises to outlaw child transitioning. The importance of that cannot be understated.

Israel And Foreign Policy

Obviously I will not vote for any anti-Israel or “Pro-Palestinian” candidates. That goes without saying. But more importantly, foreign policy is a big deal for me. For one, somebody needs to stand up to the bullies of the world, like the Islamic world and China. But American also needs to put Europe in its place when necessary. A strong America is good for the Jews. As far as foreign aid, I am against all foreign aid, including to Israel. The Israelis are adults and do not need our help.


Antisemitism is best fought by the people on the ground, not by the government. That being said, I will vote for pro-Jewish candidates in the hopes that they purge the government of its less savory and more antisemitic elements.


America will never be a socialist country. I will be voting for candidates that re-affirm that promise. Enough people, including Jews, have suffered from socialism. Plus, the Torah says it is forbidden to steal, and that is what socialism is.


I am a partisan hack. I am very biased towards Orthodox Judaism. Candidates that spend more time with Orthodox leaders, rather than the other branches, will definitely be considered as better candidates.

In any case, these are the issues that matter to me as a Jew. If you feel like I forgot something important, feel free to comment down below. If nothing else, maybe this can give American Jews a rubric for their 2020 positions.

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