What the he## is wrong with my country (the USA)?

This wonderful country is going down the tubes!

Here are just six examples:

  1. Kanye West is running for president supported by the Tesla guy.
  1. We now can get an ‘extreme’ makeover for our dogs!
  1. According to the NFL z’l, there are now TWO national anthems (Star Spangled Banner and the ‘Black National Anthem’).
  1. Jews (especially from the non-traditional denominations) can’t figure out that supporting the black lives matter movement is no different than supporting the Black Lives Matter organization (which is violently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel).
  1. There is an effort to change the names of the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel (just to name a few).
  1. Too many people don’t understand that ALL LIVES MATTER. That, if you need a color in front of those words, you are a racist!

AND, there are many more. We need to get a grip before it is too late.

About the Author
Paul Jeser born in the Bronx in 1945 has been a member of the Jewish Communal Service and a Jewish fundraising professional since 1972. Although not an ordained Rabbi, he organized and ran a Jewish Chaplaincy program in the United States Army in Augsburg, Germany (1969-71). Jeser was an officer with a drug rehabilitation center in Vietnam (1971-72) during which time he was awarded a Bronze Star. In May, 2006, the Hebrew Union College, Institute of Jewish Religion, presented Mr. Jeser the Sherut L’Am award in recognition of his decades of service to the Jewish People. He returned this award to HUC in protest to what he believed to be anti-Israel activities.
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