Gil Mildar
As the song says, a Latin American with no money in his pocket.

What was terrible can always get worse.

Benny Gantz and his party have finally abandoned the “unity” government.

Netanyahu, like Iago from William Shakespeare’s “Othello,” manipulates and deceives. Moving the pieces of his game of intrigue and betrayal with unparalleled skill, he will do anything to achieve his dark goals.

He resumes leading a coalition of 64 seats formed by nationalist right-wing populists, ultra-Orthodox, and radical settlers.

We are on the edge of a precipice, about to fall into the abyss.

With his meager eight seats, Gantz represented an attempt at rationality amid chaos.

I clarify that I am not a supporter of Gantz; I have never been. He represents a government I do not support. But with Netanyahu, I see something much worse: a despot taking over my country, turning our hopes into ashes.

Gantz was, at least, an illusion of sanity, an attempt at dialogue in a sea of screams.

After the fateful October 7th, Gantz joined the government, bearing the world’s weight on his shoulders. With his stance as a retired general, he tried to impose a minimum of order amid absolute disorder. He proposed a war cabinet, an island of rationality surrounded by a sea of the irrational. Netanyahu used Gantz as a shield, manipulating him like a puppet to stay in power.

Gantz failed to prevent the absurdities.

Ben Gvir distributed weapons like toys at a children’s party and did not prevent brutal cuts in education and health, while irrelevant ministries received increases.

Gantz’s presence was a tragic shadow play, helping to conceal the true face of an inept and corrupt government.

Gantz’s prestige plummeted. From a potential leader with 40 seats, he fell to 25. His influence was reduced to preventing some disasters while the radicals effectively ruled. He became the scapegoat for the war’s failures for the far-right crazies. With his departure, Ben Gvir and Smotrich will no longer have anyone to blame.

The protests against the government are increasing, and the despair of the people is palpable. Biden’s pressure and the lack of popular support make the situation unsustainable.

As I walk the streets of Tel Aviv, I feel the hopelessness in the air, like an invisible poison. Netanyahu knows that fragile alliances and broken promises sustain his reign and is on the verge of collapse.

The future of my land, Israel, is uncertain, but one thing is clear: this government, this tragic circus, is doomed. It will fall. And when it falls, it will not be a silent fall but a crash echoing throughout Israel. Only then will we be ready to let out that cry of despair from a people who can no longer bear to be governed by tyrants and charlatans.

About the Author
As a Brazilian, Jewish, and humanist writer, I embody a rich cultural blend that influences my worldview and actions. Six years ago, I made the significant decision to move to Israel, a journey that not only connects me to my ancestral roots but also positions me as an active participant in an ongoing dialogue between the past, present, and future. My Latin American heritage and life in Israel have instilled a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, and justice. Through my writing, I delve into themes of authoritarianism, memory, and resistance, aiming not just to reflect on history but to actively contribute to the shaping of a more just and equitable future. My work is an invitation for reflection and action, aspiring to advance human dignity above all.
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