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What You See Is What You Get

Time to Ban Lipstick? (Free For Use Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels)

Law banning photoshop in advertising passes preliminary reading in Knesset.

There will be heavy fines for those caught breaking the new law. The fines, possibly hundreds of thousands of shekels, will be given to eating disorder treatment centres.

Many girls, young women, are endangering their health trying to emulate advertising models whose screen figures have no connection to reality.

We men can only applaud this new law but would like to see it take a step further. Photoshop is only one way to “improve” a less than enticing body.

We propose the following changes ……

Lipstick is an obvious attempt lure men. A bright red signal of availability that soon rubs off revealing ordinary lips. Yes. We should stop lipstick sales immediately.

A definite candidate for our ban on materials designed to entice men is face powder. This is used to brighten the skin and beautify the face. It provides a mask for a woman to hide behind.

There are several items of clothing that are designed to improve a woman’s appearance. I do not want to give details in this family-orientated newspaper. Let us just say that only after rings have been exchanged, and papers signed under the chuppah, do you find that what you see is not necessarily what you get.

Of course, men are not immune to the temptation to add something to the body they were born with. There is no shortage of short film stars who wear elevator shoes to gain a few extra inches of height. A glance at the internet brings up some 15 very famous actors who feel the need to grow up a little, secretly of course.

Even the great John Wayne, star of countless Westerns, was reputed to wear lifts to increase his already imposing height of 6’4″.

And blog writers, with no need to add anything to their shoes, will often add a few sentences to their blog desperately reaching for the ideal 400 words……..

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