Hypocrisy of reporting over Black Lives Matter

The recent deaths of black people in the USA –  mainly victims of Police incompetence ,brutality, inertia and alleged racism ; has created an atmosphere of racial  tension unparalleled for decades.

Such tension has been exacerbated by global, saturation media coverage and this has given momentum to valid protests and an excuse for protests from some extremist groups of a left wing, political bias.

These recent events seem to offer certain groups who participate in violent demonstrations who appear to be driven by similar ideologies, a platform.

A historical parallel to this can be drawn to the South African Apartheid movement . The Anti Apartheid movement had global support and saturation media coverage. The protests were often violent and the victims were Black Africans.

Why is it therefore that between these two similar but different episodes that define our modern history , other catastrophic human tragedies occurred which neither attracted global protests nor saturation media reporting.

Millions , let me repeat, millions of Black Lives taken in genocides  in Rwanda, DCR (Democratic Congo Republic) and CAR (Central African Republic ) passed a generation and were almost totally ignored. Why the public inertia compared to the public outrage of recent killings in the USA and the Afrikaans regime in South Africa.

Furthermore other areas where  massacres of in Burundi, Mali, Eritrea and  Somalia occur frequently but go unreported and never attract protests from those groups who so vociferously and sometimes violently protest about the subject material I have noted above.

The simple point is black lives do matter – as do all lives. But black lives only matter to the media and the extreme left when their bigotry is exposed.

It is no surprise to me  that Palestinian deaths by Israelis , Zionists  and Jews command similar media attention and protests. The simple truth is that the protesters , left wing politicians and the media care little about the victims but more about their hatred for those perceived to be the perpetrators . Their bigotry and ignorance is paralleled only by their warped political ideology.

About the Author
Peter Baum has experience in International Finance, and has regularly contributed on the subject matter through written articles, TV appearances and lectures. He was chairman of Southend Young Conservatives, founding member of Southend Friends of Israel, current delegate on the Board of Deputies and Executive Council member of Fair Reporting.
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