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When the West Bank becomes Hamastan will the left be so keen on a Palestinian state?

The Left, of whatever stripe, are falling over themselves to promote the Valhallah of Palestine. Whoever promotes Palestine today promotes the rise of Hamas. It’s as inevitable as storms after strong winds.

They may not do this intentionally, but it will be the result.

From radical Marxists to Social Democrats to Laborites, they are all keen to see the dawn of an Arab Palestine.

Despite all being anti-nationalists, they have all devoted their political capital (hardly an appropriate word for the grey economy of Socialism) and clout to cultivate a Middle East in their image, one that will labor in the socialist tradition.

All of them fail to learn from history when leftist activism destabilized a country or a region and left them with serious egg on their faces. They never get the glory they seek. They are among the first to be dragged off the streets and never come back. But like clowns in a deadly circus, they keep on pratfalling.

It happened when Iraqi Communists plotted an Iraqi world post-Al-Bakr, and ended up being dragged away by Saddam’s henchmen.

It happened when they lined up in support of the Ayatollah in removing the Shah from power in Tehran, and got blown away for their troubles. In Iran, the Marxist Tudeh Party reckoned the “positive” politics of Khomeini outweighed the negatives, and gambled wrong. Surely, they though, he wouldn’t impose a rigid theocracy on the populace once they helped him achieve power? Sure, he would sweep away the corrupt nepotism and capitalism of the Shah and grant the people economic reforms. He did, but without them. The Marxists were taken away, tortured, executed, and disappeared, with all the rest.

Communists are not queasy about mass killings for a cause. One only has to look at its history to see this is true. It’s just a matter of whose doing the killing and, when Palestinian’s are doing it, can be justified by their Soviet-style propaganda. As for who is doing the dying, if it’s Israelis it can be as easily excused away as was when thousands of Jews were killed under Communism. Blame it on the Jewish capitalism; how they control the world, their exploitation of the masses, or anything else that defames and demonizes them sufficiently to have them removed.

The radical left has employed highly successful sophisticated marketing to clothe a vindictive political agenda anti-Semitic in its exclusivity of Israel for targeting, anti-Semitic in its use of language, anti-Semitic as exposed by several of its perpetrators in their speech and comments, anti-Semitic in that they target their local Jews for collective guilt by association with Israel, the collective Jew.

They have seduced the more moderate left and liberals with an emotive narrative that appeals to the soft heart of pacifists and anyone who feels sympathy for an underdog, and their dog in this fight are the Palestinians. Their hyper-activism allows them to infiltrate committees of similar leaning ilk, bodies like trades unions, local political councils, church groups, and up into the left wing of the halls of power.

They are clever. With few exceptions they prefer not to establish glaringly provocative political parties. Instead they slow-drip their tainted propaganda into the life-blood on the mainstream Labor, Social Democrats, Liberal parties in Europe and have them do their bidding. So you see European parliaments adopt resolutions calling for a Palestine without ever discussing what Palestine they are voting for. And all the parliaments that fall like dominoes for this empty-headed motion are all left-wing. It was the newly elected Social Democrats of Sweden to be followed by the Labor side of the Houses of Parliament.

It was no accident that former Labor leader, Lord Prescott, was heard to talk about Israel’s “indiscriminate” bombing of Palestinian territory was a “war crime” and that Gaza was a ghetto in July 2014. The fact that Israeli bombing was targeted and not “indiscriminate,” that it was not a “war crime,” and that Gaza is NOT a ghetto had nothing to do with Prescott’s adopted political line which is tainted with emotional untruths against Israel and had nothing to say about thousands of Palestinian rockets falling on Israeli civilian centers, or armed Palestinian terrorists appearing suddenly out of attack tunnels by Israeli villages and farms.

The Irish lower house, strongly influenced by the Sinn Fein, closely associated with the IRA, an Irish terrorist organization that wreaked havoc across Ireland and mainland England, also adopted support for Palestine with explosive language with some Irish delegates accusing Israel of “genocide.” Would an IRA-based political party be concerned about the rise of Hamas in Palestinian politics? Hardly likely.

Here, Mick Wallace in an anti-Semiticly-toned, emotion-tipped, deliberate misreading of history said, “In 1948, the Jews expelled, massacred, destroyed and raped in that year, and generally behaved like all the other colonialist movements operating in the Middle East and Africa since the beginning of the 19th century…What is happening today is not very different.”

Today, they don’t know they’re looking through spectacles so blurred with murky past failures that they again promote a leftist fantasy that will bring to power the Palestinian Ayatollahs of Hamas dressed in modern garb. Hamas, the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas, the Palestinian Baath Party that will certainly reject the West, reject Zionism and capitalism, as these leftists desire, even as Hamas leaders stash the cash in far-off bank accounts. They’ll certainly be anti-American. That will please the supportive radical left, but it will also brutally destroy any ideology they see as challenging their brand of totalitarianism, as occurred so often in the past.

Why should Palestine end up any different from any of the past causes the left so passionately supported from Cuba, to Saddam, to the Ayatollahs, even to Gaddafi in Libya, who the left looked on as introducing a Socialist revolution?

What can possibly be the fate of a Palestine wedged between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria with little natural resources and no desire for a technocrat government to drag this new state into the 21st Century? What Palestine do these left-wing European parliamentarians think they are helping to establish? Clearly it is one that will be unable to adequately answer the needs of its people. A feeble Abbas/Fatah led leadership is doomed to fall. They blew away the technocrat talent of Prime Minister, Sayim Fayad, gone under the squalid jealousies and intrigues of corrupt Fatah politicians.

What hope will a weak, greedy, and impotent Palestinian bureaucracy have in attracting meaningful foreign investment sufficient to cover their welfare costs and pay their bills? What happens when they become yet another Middle East basket case? Can anyone see a Palestine doing a better economic job than Jordan?

And, when angry Arab voices rise again it will be mighty Hamas who will march into power by the ballot, or the bullet.

The incomplete rise of Palestine, looking for the inevitable scapegoat of their own Naqba, will again find it in Israel as propaganda for their ongoing cause. They have to draw attention away from their political failings. Tragically, it can go no other way. The power struggle is too strong. The prize is too powerful. The result will be more turmoil, more violence, and more bloodshed in an unresolved conflict.

One thing we have learned to our cost, whenever regimes fail, whenever political movements crash, and Jews have been anywhere close, they did it. They’re the ones to blame. It works for the Arabs and the Palestinians, so why should they surrender this card when their incompetence is on the line?

They’ll always have the left to bail them out of their failures, and use Israel as the Jewish whipping boy.


Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Israel Reclaiming the Narrative.’



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Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism,' '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel, 'BDS for IDIOTS,' and his latest work 'A Tale of Love and Destiny,' the dramatic life of a Jewish heroine.
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