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When truth is criminalized

(Courtesy of author)
(Courtesy of author)

Lithuania’s government just celebrated the birthday of its hero Stasys Žakevičius (nickname Žymantas). The commemoration was held in the conference hall of the Tuskulėnai Memorial Park in Vilnius on April 19, 2023. They termed the event “an academic conference,” although most of the speakers were propagandists, discredited liars, and open antisemites.

The government’s “Public Relations expert” Vidmantas Valiušaitis, the politician Sakalas Gorodeckis, the Jew-hater-(ex) Member of Parliament Valdas Rakutis, and propagandist Dr. Kostas Ivanauskas participated. Vytautas Landsbergis, the first leader of the independent state of Lithuania, also joined. The hate-fest concluded with a resolution to commemorate Stasys Žakevičius at Vilnius University.

Lithuanian media “neglected” to report on the event as it was too close to the NATO Summit, and would have reflected poorly on Lithuania’s already tattered national image.

At the end of Lithuania’s Holocaust, Stasys Žakevičius escaped west, to America. US authorities investigated Žakevičius. They reported:


  1. According to unsourced information dated 21 May 1963, Subject was a member of a People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) sponsored organization while at the University of Vilnius in 1941.

2, In a report dated 6 August 1963, an official British service indicated that Subject had been employed by them as an agent against the Germans during World War II and later between 1947 and 1956. This Service added that it had no record of Subject having been a member of an NKVD-sponsored organization in 1941.

  1. information dated 20 December 1949 from a refugee source of undetermined reliability indicated that Subject did not follow Lithuania’s national aspirations, but through his own personal ambitions permitted himself to become an intelligence agent in the pay of foreign powers. Source indicated that these “foreign powers” probably included Sweden, England and the United States.

Lithuanians now appear to have no issue with Žakevičius being a member of the NKVD in 1941. Lithuanians blamed Jews for the acts of Russians, yet, there were vastly more Lithuanians involved with the Soviets than Jews. This again proves that blaming Jews for deeds of Russian was just a strawman argument. Lithuanians intended to eliminate Jews, and, so created false reasons to justify their intended crimes.

Žakevičius embarked on his career after the so-called June Uprising in 1941. He became chairman of the regional committee. In his official capacity as committee chairman, Stasys Žakevičius delivered a speech over the radio on June 28, 1941. He targeted Jews for “elimination” (murder):

“The Jews upon which is based the bloody terror of the Bolsheviks and who were the most active Red servants of the hunters of men in the 20th century will be eliminated; they will be erased from the political and cultural life of free Lithuania.

“The Lithuanian nation has clearly seen how the Jews have repaid the hospitality shown them for centuries and the humanitarian behavior of Lithuanians towards them. These mistakes will never be made again. This is dictated to her [the Lithuanian nation] by the blood of her innocent sons who have fallen at the hands of the Bolsheviks and Jews. This is dictated to her by her dignity and future. Nonetheless, all of this will be regulated by legal acts of the Government.”[1]

The same issue of the newspaper contained the joint order by Stasys Žakevičius and Vilnius city Nazi military commander von Ostman, order no. 1, concerning hostages taken:

“10. Sixty Jews and 20 Poles have been taken as hostages for the execution of this order. I reserve to myself the right to increase the number of hostages if my order is not fully carried out.”

Hostages were taken later in Vilnius and shot at Ponar. This order leaves no doubt about Stasys Žakevičius’s culpability in the Holocaust. Žakevičius served Nazis as head of the city and region of Vilnius until August 15, 1941. He received other posts from the Nazis until he fled the Soviets to Germany in 1944. Just as with the genocidal murderer, Jonas Noreika, some Lithuanian “historians” claim Žakevičius was a participant in some sort of alleged Lithuanian anti-Nazi resistance following Lithuanian disagreement with Nazi Germany over the formation of a Lithuanian Waffen-SS legion in 1943. The Lithuanians only disagreed with Nazis after the Battle of Stalingrad, when it became clear the Nazis would lose the war. While Lithuanians believed Nazis would win, they were the most enthusiastic murderers of Jews in Europe, in order to appeal to Nazi base instincts for all things bad and painful.

It is not credible that Mr. Landsbergis and his “academic” colleagues did not know of Žakevičius’s crimes. They simply do not care, and do not believe that Jews warrant consideration as human or are entitled to truth. The fraud, denial and revision applied to mass murderers of Jews by the Government of Lithuania follows standard paths, and this specific incident barely deviates from their well worn deceptions.

Historians from Lithuania’s International Commission for Studying the Crimes of the Soviet and Nazi Occupational Regimes in Lithuania have researched and published their findings about Žakevičius, including Dr. Christoph Dieckmann, in the book he co-authored with Rūta Vanagaitė, How Did It Happen?, He identified Žakevičius as a perpetrator.

The Lithuanian government’s resolution calling for the commemoration of Stasys Žakevičius is open Holocaust distortion. According to Lithuania’s criminal code, this is a crime.

A law was recently passed in Lithuania compelling the Genocide Center to re-examine commemorative sites and to remove those which commemorate “totalitarian regimes” and their representatives. Stasys Žakevičius undoubtedly fits this criterion. It is clear that the Government’s efforts will be aimed at those who perpetrated crimes against ethnic Lithuanians. They do not intend it to be applied to Lithuanians who murdered Jews. (Krikstaponis excepted).

The Government of Lithuania has used its Genocide Center and the conference center at the Tuskulėnai Memorial Park in Vilnius to celebrate a well-known Lithuanian complicit in Holocaust crimes, and to call for academia and the public to pay honor to, and praise this absolute criminal.

Lithuania’s contempt for murdered Jews and their insult toward living Jews continues. Lies gather strength and power when presented as truths. The Government of Lithuania has mastered their ex-Soviet overlords in deception and historical fraud. The student has mastered the teacher. Thus the brainwashing of yet another generation is almost complete.

The Government of Lithuania has open threats of criminal charges against me for exposing the crimes of the murderer Jonas Noreika. Will they charge Head of State Landsbergis under Lithuania’s own Holocaust denial statutes for his Holocaust revisionism? Of course not. Only truth by Jews is actually prosecuted in Lithuania, not Lithuanian Holocaust fraud. The Lithuanian Government continually displays their lack of values through their deliberate actions.

[1] Citation from the newspaper Naujoji Lietuva dated June 29, 1941.

This article was co-authored by Grant Gochin and Evaldas Balčiūnas.

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