When will it end?

Today was one of those mornings. The alarm went off, and my instinct was to will it away. It took a Herculean effort to wake my children, get them moving, dressed, fed and ready for school. Then came the push to the car. Please, please, please go to school.  I snuck a few glances on Facebook – yes I am a social media junkie – hoping not to find heartbreaking news of daily terror attacks on Israeli children, women, men. Barely making the news in recent days is an incessant barrage of daily attacks on Jews in Israel and the burning of one of Judaism’s holy sites Joseph’s tomb, preserved for over 2000 years. This morning, a declaration of a Palestinian “Day of rage’ resulting in riots, the firebombing of Jewish family of 5, including a 4-year old girl and an Israeli  soldier stabbed by a 16 year old Palestinian boy. And then, just like that, on with the rest of my day, drop the kids at school, get to work.

Israeli families across the country woke up to almost exactly the same kind of morning.  Mothers confronted with tantrums, searches for that missing uniform sweater ensuring the kids miss the 8:15 bell, the nurse on her way home from a grueling night shift, or the young graduate rushing to get to his first day on the job.

Almost the same, but with one big difference: the horrors on Facebook and Twitter are happening – live – just blocks away from, their houses, their schools, and their bus stops. With reports of random brutal stabbings just minutes away, I can only try to imagine the courage they had to summon just to go about their day.  I don’t begin to pretend I know the leap of faith it takes this week in Israel to wait at a bus stop, let your 13-year-old ride his bike or go to the once-crowded market for a favorite treat, but they do it every day.

What I do know is that, this morning, thousands of kilometers away, an ocean between us, I took a deep breath when I dropped my kids off, and I waited an extra minute or two to see them safely inside. The posts of friends and family in Israel betray a far more profound fear and concern over a very real and present danger.

What I also know is that, while Jews around the world are hoping that tomorrow will see an end to the unrelenting attacks, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas continue to incite terror and celebrate the terrorists in their midst.

The deafening silence from the UN and world leaders at the murder of Jews is not only shocking but also heartbreaking – because it ensures that the terror will continue.

Until the Palestinian leadership stops inciting hatred and rewarding terrorism…

Until the UN stops turning a blind eye to Palestinian terror and hatred…

Until Arab Israelis and Palestinians find the courage to demand better from their political leadership and, like Israeli-Arab journalist Lucy Aharish and Nazareth Mayor Ali Salem, condemn Arab leaders for fanning the flames of conflict…

Then, perhaps then, we will see a path to peace.

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About the Author
Eta Yudin is the Vice President Quebec for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA)
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