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Where Jewish and Christian Voices Dare not Speak

Triskelion, ancient Celtic religious symbol, “Thinwalker’s” icon, (Stairway Press)

The largest city in the USA is under siege by something very close to an anti-religious, Western-hating, civilization-despising deathcult, and it’s going to take more than just turning the other cheek to save New York from the chaos into which extremist insanity is inexorably pulling the city and taking the rest of North America with it. New York’s public schools are a disgraceful example of the rot, turning out legions of math illiterates and blaming the outrage on the discipline itself, since the novel lunacy is that math is “racist!” Citizens can’t count either on the libraries of the great metropolis to nurture their children’s education—and instead must hustle them away from drag-queens invited to read to them during storybook sessions.

In New York the American flag is a negative and “triggering” icon, the country’s Founding Fathers considered racist, murdering villains instead of giants and heroes. Objectosexuality, ecosexuality, and many other lurid perversions are normalized and validated. Yet where the far-Left enemies of humanity focus their greatest attention, where their claws and fangs are most vigorously embedded is in the media.

Only days ago the November 21, 2023 front page New York Times’ feature image, for example, was a surreal graphic of an “unstable person” lingering at a subway station. The article it illustrated, “Behind Acts of Violence, Years of Mistakes,” instead of offering condolences to innocent passengers being pushed in front of trains and/or assaulted and menaced by random and out-of-control strangers haunting the transit system, saved its sympathy for the assailants. It purported that the general public’s failure to create a “safety net” for the “homeless mentally ill” is why New Yorkers still daring to take the public transport, now having been surrendered to the criminal chic, have become targets for anarchistic mayhem.

The Times has long since fallen from heroic heights to the yellow journalistic gutters through which it now stumbles, and after decades of faux-press articles standing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s great adversaries of Judaism and Israel—Al Sharpton, Keith Ellison, Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar—Jewish Americans in the present and befuddled historians of the future aren’t given any other choice but to believe their eyes.

The worst of it though is that the NY Times is not alone, and liberals, conservatives and moderates alike are fairly horrified to see what used to be the greatest, freest, most honest press in recorded history now brought so low as to be held in contempt with the same propagandistic mouthpieces as the USSR’s Pravda or Izvestia. Class warfare, nihilistic self-hatred of country and tradition, mockery of religion and normalcy, hardly disguised anti-Semitism and denigration of Christianity, a regaling of the criminal class and downgrading of the law-abiding, workaday citizenry—that now masquerades as the “news.” The normal and decent, regardless of their faiths, can’t fool themselves any longer the media hasn’t only turned on them but with such a vitriol as to make plain it despises them.

New York’s great publishing houses are tainted with the same illness. The author should know as almost every single publisher read his newest science fiction release, Thinwalker, and had to pass. The work has everything any sci-fi thrill ride should expect—pulsar portals, time loops, exploding universes, vanished alien supermachines, a Jewish female lead unlike any since Jezebel—but it was the surprise ending that doomed the narrative for cowed editors nowadays constrained to post their absurd pronoun selection on their bios. The great bombshell finale of Thinwalker, and its undoing as far as censors are concerned, is that the hand behind all the hair-raising twists and unexpected turns, the force making sense of the implosion and rebirth of humanity’s vast interstellar civilization a thousand years from now and a hundred lightyears from Earth, was something the great publishing houses simply couldn’t abide, as it was a divine one.

The media is bound and determined to sideline anything even remotely flirting with pious thought, at least Christian and Jewish. It will brook no ending involving the hand of Providence—even as the entire work seeks to camouflage the swirling subplot until the astounding dénouement is revealed. The hivemind insists that until the taboo theisms are destroyed, ripped branch and root from the Earth, their primitive and superstitious works should be shunted off to the far corners of the bookstore, in the “Religious” section, where shelf space every year is lessened and marginalized.

A courageous publisher in Phoenix published Thinwalker though, seeing  not a devout book per se, but just a great read—terrifying, unpredictable, intelligent sci-fi ending not so much with a whimper but with a deistic bang. That’s not a small victory, and one that we must insist is repeated, lest Ben Hur, Exodus, Moby Dick, and every other future great work of art defying the Orwellian order to make no mention whatsoever of God lower their heads and scurry off into the shadows of humanity’s great literary traditions.

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David Nabhan is a science and science fiction writer. He is the author of "Earthquake Prediction: Dawn of the New Seismology" (2017) and three other books on seismic forecasting.
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