Where to Tammy Duckworth?

Obviously, I was close (but no cigar) in my prediction that Tammy Duckworth would make it to the finish line in 2020 to be Joe Biden’s number 2, although she made it into the top 5. Kamala Harris made the final pick.

However, what is Tammy’s future?  Certainly, the Democratic Party and Joe Biden has some plans for the junior senator from Illinois.  Some months ago, Biden said that he would make early announcements about cabinet appointees for any administration that he would head.  Certainly, one could foresee Tammy in any number of cabinet positions based upon her subcommittee assignments that she has been on in her short House and Senate careers.

Tammy has sat upon the following subcommittee assignments as part of larger committees:

Senate Committee on Armed Services

  1. Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces (2013–2017)

2. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (2013–2015)

3, Subcommittee on Readiness (2015–2017)

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

  1. Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Health Care and Entitlements (2013–2015)

2. Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Job Creation and Regulatory Affairs (2013–2015)

3. Subcommittee on Transportation and Public Assets, Ranking Member (2015–2017)

4. Subcommittee on Information Technology (2015–2017)

Obviously, as a Defense Secretary, she would have a good background, although I think she might not be put here initially.  Folks like Susan Rice might have first dibs on Secretary of State, Defense Secretary or National Security Advisor.  Indeed, any number of potential appointees may come forward, however Tammy would make an excellent undersecretary based upon her Senate experience.

However, she may fulfill a more pressing need as a general fire fighter.  For this, she is well prepared.  She participated in 2015-2017 in the House of Representatives in a number of government oversight and reform committees that give her experience in education, energy policy, health care, entitlement programs, economic growth, job creation and regulation, as well as transportation, public assets and information technology.

Certainly, any potential transition between Trump and Biden will not be a smooth one in the case of a Democratic victory .  Not only will Trump leave a mess, but will continue to actively try to enlarge it for the period of 13 weeks during which he is a lame duck as he fights election results.  Certainly, even if he leaves the office, he might just leave a mess out out of narcissistic spite, regardless of what it might do to the Republican Party.  After all, he is an insurgent who took over the party and has cannibalized it from within for his own purposes, to hell with the consequences to the organization to which he no loyalties. Tammy’s eclectic background may be needed to aid in fixing the disaster Trump will leave at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Cabinet assignments normally change anyway during any presidency.  However, any Biden administration will disassemble the revolving door in and out of the administration and rotate capable people as necessary within to try to clean things up and to move on.  While I am no Biden fan, it is hard to imagine anyone could have done a worse job than Trump.

About the Author
Akiva ben Avraham is a former community college adjunct, US Army intelligence analyst and officer, and a caregiver.
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