Where’s our democracy?

Things have gone quiet in the media concerning the negotiations with the PA and that usually means bad things are happening. It’s time to have a conversation about our nation and its supposed Jewish and democratic values that the left like to throw around as being so sacrosanct.

Don’t get me wrong, those sound like nice ideals. It’s just that we don’t seem to have it now, so how is a peace agreement supposed to maintain it? Our nation is a Jewish nation. It does some things right and some things wrong, but on a whole it acts like a Jewish State in a lot of matters. It’s the democracy part where we utterly fail.

We, as an electorate, have been voting for center-right governments since the Oslo and Gaza fiascos showed us the error of our ways. We have voiced, through our votes, what it is that we want and don’t want. The left primarily avoided bringing up the peace process in the last elections, as they knew it was a total loser for them and they were going to be crushed at the polls if they pressed it.

You would think because of our democratic values, we would begin to see our national will expressed by those that are elected. Sadly, this does not seem to be the case. Part of the problem lies in a power and control structure that is embedded in stone for the left’s benefit. Take our judicial system for example. We have a leftist, activist Bagatz that plays a big part in determining who its new incoming members will be. We also have a leftist Justice Minister, Attorney General and State Attorney. Cap this off with a media that is supported by our taxes and gives us a leftist view, while refusing to allow equal time for a nationalist viewpoint. (Watch what happens when this is finally reversed. The left will be screaming bloody murder about it, demanding the institution of laws to enshrine equal coverage.) This gives the left a permanent method to reverse, block, refuse to support and selectively enforce laws and bills. Then follow up it up with trying to change the will of the people through mass media coverage. It has been very effective for them up to now.

On the Prime Minister front, we vote right and get the policies of the left. PM Netanyahu has done less damage than those of his predecessors, but in Barak and Livni he always has his foil in place to carry out the policies of the left. I have given him a lot of leeway up to now because of the tremendous pressure he must be under from Washington’s carrot and stick policy vis-a-vis the Iranians and the PA. But surely now the carrot has been shown to be only a picture of a carrot, while the stick is a sawed off shotgun. Time to step back. Time to say no.

We don’t want Jerusalem divided UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. We don’t want the city internationalized. We don’t want foreign troops of any kind guaranteeing anything. We don’t want the bulk of Judea and Samaria turned into a Judenrein, no go zone. We don’t want the excuse that there will be a referendum, we already had one – it was called elections. We don’t trust the PA to keep their word on anything. We are being killed and injured on a daily basis by our peace partners and want our leaders to do what the hell they were elected for. That would be democracy.

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