Richard H. Schwartz
Vegan, climate change,and social justice activist

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? A Vegan Purimshpiel

Reb Roosta said, “Speaking of birds, I heard that a Heavenly voice once announced: ‘A Robin Redbreast in a cage puts all Heaven in a rage.’”(William Blake, “Auguries of Innocence”) Reb Chicka responded, “Not to EGGaggerate, but – If a robin redbreast in a cage puts all heaven in a rage, how feels heaven when, dies the billionth battery hen?” (Spike Mulligan, British comedian) Reb Poultrie stated, “Since Queen Esther was a vegan to avoid violating the dietary laws while hiding her Jewish identity in the palace of King Ahashveros, and since our esteemed editor, Rabbi Judah, the Prince was stricken with pain for many years because he callously treated a frightened calf, perhaps we should egg on Jews to protest against the current horrible treatment of chickens and other animals.

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Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D., is the author of Judaism and Vegetarianism, Judaism and Global Survival, Who Stole My Religion? Revitalizing Judaism and Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal our Imperiled Planet, and Mathematics and Global Survival, and over 200 articles and 25 podcasts at He is President Emeritus of Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA) and President of the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians (SERV). He is associate producer of the 2007 documentary “A Sacred Duty: Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal the World.” He is also a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the College of Staten Island, which is part of the City University of New York.
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