Which is a bigger threat to society?

Police stopping anti-fascist protesters from clashing with far-right National Action members 

(Jewish News - Photo credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire)
Police stopping anti-fascist protesters from clashing with far-right National Action members (Jewish News - Photo credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire)

Which is the bigger threat to society? The far-right or the far-left? I would argue the two are inextricably linked, particularly when it comes to Jews and conspiracy theory.

Let me explain. You see, the far-right often use antisemitic tropes about Jews and money in their rhetoric. “Jews control the banks!” “Jews are responsible for all the world’s wars!” et cetera, et cetera. Yet the same is true of the far-left, indeed it was Karl Marx who once said “What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.”

I would argue that the aforementioned question is too binary, because both extremes manifest very differently.  On the right the rhetoric is more explicit and lends itself to incitement to violence whereas on the left it is much more subtle and pernicious. The far-right actively demand “race war” which leads to very real consequences like in Pittsburgh and Poway. The far-left drip feeds antisemitism through Rothschild and Zionist conspiracy theories, while presenting itself as anti-racist and anti-fascist.

The question of which is the bigger threat is rather noxious to the Jewish community, because for us both present a real and present danger. Albeit in somewhat different ways, yet in many respects also similar. You see, the far-right DEMAND violence against the purveyors of white genocide while on the other side the far-left merely seeks to demonise the Zionist entity without making any direct calls to action. The end result is the same either way, Jews are the enemy and Jews are in the firing line (quite literally in the cases of Pittsburgh and Poway). 

Antisemitism, whether from the left or the right, is poisonous and persistent. It starts with Jews, but it never ends with Jews. If left unchecked it spreads and kills with impunity, we saw that in the 1930s in Germany. Some will say the invoking of the Shoah is hyperbolic and melodramatic, but then again nobody ever thought the NSDAP would march to power and hold most of Europe under it’s jackboot either.

The responsibility of fighting antisemitism, and indeed all forms of racism, doesn’t fall solely on the targets but on society as a whole. If you think of society as a human body, Jews are the foot and antisemitism is the cancer. If cancer affects the foot, are we to simply cut off the foot and leave it to rot? Are we to assume in doing so the cancer will not spread to other regions of the body?

Whether it is references to Jews instigating white genocide or references to a Jewish banking elite, whether it is from a jackbooted fascist or a bespectacled Marxist, antisemitism must be called out and countered.  It cannot be allowed to present itself with any legitimacy, lest the whole body of society become riddled by it’s cancer.

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Ariel Moshe is a political activist and co-founder of the political group Jewish Voice UK.
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