Who are the real neo-Nazis?

Jews, and especially those Jews who lean to the left politically, are terribly worried about neo-Nazis and “white nationalists” along with equating most people on the right as fascists and the true threat to Jewish health and safety. Ironically, in reality the real neo-Nazi fascists in this country , that present the greatest danger to Jews,  reside on the far left!

A defining factor of Nazisim is obsession with race. Race was and still is the defining characteristic of their philosophy. Jews represented the lowest of the racial pecking order, to the point that WW2 is often called Germany’s “war against the Jews.” It drove every military decision they made, even when it was a poor military decision, but would allow greater Jewish destruction.

Let’s look at the left in this regard. The left is absolutely obsessed with race. Those with brown or black  skin are considered morally superior to those with white skin. Dark skin is equated with legitimacy and authenticity, where as those who are white are privileged, and thought by the left to be inherently and systemically racist. Even more so the Jews. To leftists, Jews and especially those who support Israel are white but even worse are rapacious colonialists. The left’s  highest level of that contempt is reserved for Zionists. The left is obsessed with Jews and as we will see  not surprisingly for the same reason Nazis were.

Nazis wanted to create a new man who was not constrained by western morality. For Nazis the Torah represented the greatest threat to the world. Morality was for the weak, life was for the powerful to command and rule by any means necessary. Nietschean philosophy of the “ubermensch” ruled the day. Jews were the ultimate weaklings, guided by an outdated and weak philosophy.  But Jewish influence on the world was enormous. The morality of the church was based on biblical morality. The ubermensch could not rule under such a system, so the progenitors of this system must be destroyed in order for national socialism to be triumphant. The left today also seeks to destroy traditional western culture morality. They view it as systemically racist and beyond salvation. They desire to destroy Judeo Christian morality and all that it stands for and replace it with a Marxian utopia.  This cannot happen with a strong and viable Jewish people and even more so with a strong and viable Israel. Both must be destroyed for the lefts triumphant philosophy to flourish.  Sound familiar?

And like the Nazis the left has found a tremendous ally in their quest. Just as Hitler conspired with the Mufti of Jerusalem to destroy Israel, so too the left is partnered with Islam in violently protesting Israel.  And even though Islam’s laws  rules and regulations are in direct contrast to leftist ideals, the opportunity to have such an ally against the west and western morality is too tempting to pass up. And let’s not forget that Nazis were socialists who took over the means of production to produce the armaments for war, just as the left would desire to do.

Let’s not be naïve though. The far right neo-Nazis exist and still present a danger. But they are a fringe group of usually mentally ill individuals and are highly monitored by law enforcement. Lone wolf attacks will still occur but they are rare.

What is much more disturbing is that the hard left is beginning to control halls of power. Certainly universities are already too far gone to save, but you are seeing leftists make strong inroads in to our government and business culture. Many have already been elected to high office and many municipalities are being controlled by the radical left and its minions of Is.

So we need to recognize who the real neo Nazis are, especially Jewish “defense “ organizations that historically looked only at the far right for these threats. These are not your father’s liberals. These are far left, hateful and in many cases murderous organizations that present a huge threat to Israel and the Jewish people worldwide.

So let’s recognize the real neo Nazi fascists in our midst and fight them tooth and nail until they crawl back into the miasma from which they emerged .

About the Author
Jay N. Lakritz is a retired banker living in the Midwest. He now enjoys Talmud study and reading about Jewish history and religion. He also enjoys bicycling, fishing, hiking and traveling to beautiful natural areas of the United States and the world.
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