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Who Are These ‘Liberal US Jewish Leaders’​ Trying To Impress?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with leaders of AIPAC in Washington (2014) Credit: U.S. Dept. of State

Whenever there is something big going on with our government here in Israel, for some reason liberal Jewish leaders feel compelled to interfere. Everyone thinks there is some big ideological debate going on – but when it comes to American Jews – trust me, it’s all about the money.

169 liberal US Jewish leaders sign letter expressing concern over Israeli government Backers, who include ex-executives at rabbinical seminaries, Jewish Federations, AIPAC, Conference of Presidents, warn against false antisemitism accusations at coalition critics Times of Israel

They are expressing concern over the newly formed government that won by a huge majority. So my question for these Jewish Americans is – Who are you trying to impress by going against Israel? You’re only doing what the billionaires who give you millions of dollars tell you what to do, and the goal is always to weaken Israel.

But now that your allegiance to the American flag is so clear to see, and clearly the most important thing in your lives, you can keep your opinions to yourself.

And don’t bother donating money to Israel anymore either – we don’t need it. I’m talking about donations to various causes that come with a big price tag – not funding startups.

You would be far better off focusing on the rising anti-Semitism in your region, which is reaching pre-Holocaust levels. And especially getting to the bottom of why it’s escalating so much right now. I’d be very worried if I was a Jew living in the U.S. today, and had my kids in school there.

Please don’t focus on us, or send any guidelines for us to follow. Our new government is made up of very experienced people who know what they want and how to achieve it. Despite the media attempting to distort this whole judicial reform issue, the majority of the people in Israel feel more confident now than under the previous government. The majority of the people in Israel voted this government into power to do things that would be good for the citizens of Israel.

I understand why American Jews feel a need to speak up. Because if you don’t comment, it would be as if you don’t exist, so you need to make some noise. And also, you really only have one thing on your mind – to make your life in the US as safe and smooth as possible. But since the world sees us as connected around the world, American Jews typically find themselves having to explain the position of Israel. This makes you very nervous and uncomfortable, because you don’t have control over Israel. It’s no secret that the Jews have control over quite a few things in America, but not over the State of Israel. We are a very advanced and powerful little country.

I know you like to think you can buy control and power in Israel with your millions, but you can’t. Paying people to protest doesn’t really accomplish anything, except fanning the flames of hate. That’s bad for Israel, and bad for the whole world. Soon everyone will understand that all the hatred directed toward Israel is funded by some of the wealthiest people in the world. Some of them are even Jewish.

We’re an independent country with our own values, and special purpose. But your true loyalty is to America. And beyond all the political differences, the main problem disconnecting American Jews from Israel is the simple truth that there is hatred between us. We have very different and opposing agendas and that’s a big problem. You’ve been “dancing at two weddings” (a saying we have in Hebrew) for a very long time now, but now your dance card is all used up. As our world becomes more transparent and interconnected with each passing day, the truth is coming out everywhere now. You won’t be able to hide your Jewish identity behind your fortune, or by blending into the rest of society. Even with all the inter-faith marriage – you and your family won’t be able to escape your fate. Apparently we’ve learned nothing over the last 80 years and history is about to repeat itself.

You see the picture I used for this post above? Take a good look. This is always exactly how it starts ….. Those billionaire American Jews think their fate lies in the hands of the American government. But in reality, only time will tell – and then we’ll see exactly who their real friends are.

Most major Jewish American institutions are only about one thing, and that’s money. They use their millions to go against Israel at every opportunity by supporting causes and individuals that weaken our values. They even pay protesters in Israel and America to fan the flames of hate. It’s not a secret anymore.

Jews always think that they can protect themselves by being the best in every imaginable sector. This pattern, where Jews shun unity when they are prosperous and are forced into it at some point – keeps repeating itself throughout history. These days, we are seeing the end of the same cycle in America. Jews have been prosperous for several decades, achieved material wealth and power, but have abandoned their unity. Soon it will be very clear to American Jews that using their power to help weaken Israel was a really bad move.

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