Anat Ghelber
Anat Ghelber

Who Created the Animals?

In one of the heavily snowy days here in New York, I went out on my usual trek to feed the hungry cats in my neighborhood.

At this time, the only places that had any snow cleared away were near the synagogues.

As I arranged the bowls of cat food under the overhanging roof of one synagogue, a man who was about the enter the shul told me, “Not here.”

I replied back, “Please, I don’t have anywhere else to put it.”

This man then yelled back at me, talking about how this was a “holy place to worship God” and he didn’t want any cats around.

While I eventually convinced the man to let me leave some cat food there, it took a long, almost unsuccessful, argument on my part.

This man obviously wasn’t an animal lover and the whole incident got me thinking.

Isn’t it interesting how people somehow separate animals from religion?

Didn’t God create all the animals?

You’d think from this cat-haters attitude that animals don’t have a place in this world.

But isn’t that why the whole coronavirus pandemic started in the first place?

It was because of people’s lack of respect for animals.


Whatever the case may be, whether you’re a religious person or not, the Torah clearly says (and if you don’t believe in that then your conscience should say) if you see a hungry animal, feed it or take care of it in any way you can.

Imagine you were that animal.

Wouldn’t you want someone to help you out?

Animals do feel pain, just like anyone else.

It’s just that they’re mute and can’t express themselves like you can.

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