Who stokes ‘White Nationalism’?

Just as sure as the sun rises out of the east, as soon as a white guy shot up innocents, we knew we’d hear “White Nationalist” and “Trump” in one breath ad nauseam.  Just about now, the “white nationalist and Trump” will morph into “white supremacist and Trump”, and by tomorrow KKK, Charlottsville and David Duke will make a grand entry.  The finale will be written as “Trump channeled Hitler in the two days of murderous shooting sprees”.

If they couldn’t destroy him with the Russian hoax, the Stormy storm, the Kavanagh hearings, and every salacious or deceitful commentary daily since the election, this surely serves is another chance to try.  What’s more delicious than a story about a white guy with a gun in his hands?  By now, they figure they’ve got us conditioned to the narrative: white guy shoots, Trump made him do it.

The real story is far from this predictable dung liberal media is pushing.

First, the motive.  Certainly the shooter never spoke to Trump, even though the media will have you believing otherwise. And as far as we know, no instruction to shoot Hispanics were delivered to him from the White House.  But the shooter did continuously hear the same nonsensical drivel from Maddow, Mathews, Joe and Mika, Lemon and the ilk; white guys are responsible for all depravity on earth.  Sometimes white guys are evil cops.  Sometimes they’re evil corporate executives.  Sometimes they’re slave owners by virtue of historical accounts.  Sometimes they’re evil Christians.  Sometimes they’re colonizers like Christopher Columbus.  Sometimes they’re occupiers like Bibi Netanyahu. Sometimes they’re culture monopolisers like Shakespeare.  Sometimes they’re minority-hating employers, doctors, teachers and politicians.  But most times they’re the white-privileged, entitled, oppressing racists.  All of this pounded day in day out into the populace’s collective head.  Surely all this hatred couldn’t possibly have had any psychological effect on a disturbed young individual…

Second, the fanning of racial divisions. Democratic party’s favorite opera “He’s a Racist. She’s a Racist. They’re all Racists.” playing out like a stuck record at every theatre near you eventually finds its way into the psyche of a volatile individual.  If I’m told I’m a racist 24/7 – I must be one. I must act like one. It’s an instructional directive. Racial division and the word “racist” have been used incessantly to polarize American community since the election of Barak Obama over 11 years ago. That’s over a decade of internalizing that if one has white skin, he must be a racist.  That translates to roughly 192 Million Americans being instructed that they’re racist daily.

Third, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Does the Democratic party of the United States really believe that they can populate the country with millions of illegals (mostly Hispanic) without some backlash by a lunatic or a group of lunatics?  Without a build-up of resentment? Without the blame assignment by a trigger-happy 21-year old?

Fourth, white nationalism is the birth child of leftist governments and far-left ideological streams.  Just as the KKK and David Duke were a spin off from the Democratic Party in the early 1920s.

If the Democratic Party, it’s 2020 Presidential Candidates and their liberal henchmen media are upset about a “white nationalist”, they should look to themselves. They create him every single day.

About the Author
Valerie Sobel is an Economist, writer, philanthropist, and a pianist living in Canada.
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