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Who’s helping Hamas?

Screenshot of EBC news, Taiwan
Screenshot of EBC news, Taiwan

On November 8th, the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Military Commission, Zhang Youxia, visited Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

Zhang Youxia ranks second in China’s military circles, second only to Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping, and is generally regarded as the number one confidant of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China in the People’s Liberation Army.

One of the missions for this visit is to ask Putin’s intervention so that Hamas will release the Chinese sappers currently trapped in Gaza’s underground tunnel. According to Taiwanese news EBC, those sappers are the ones who helped Hamas build the tunnels. The PRC not only provides the know-how and fighting strategies for tunnel warfare; one of the most wanted Hamas officials, Mohammed Deif, was trained in Shijiazhuang Ordnance Engineering College of China, and he has two Chinese wives, according to a Chinese whistleblower media, LUDE News media.

The ruling structure of Hamas, called the Political Bureau, shares the same hierarchy as China’s ruling party.

It’s about time that the Israeli government stands up to the Chinese government, recognizes the true evil behind Black Saturday.

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