Why Data Science is Booming in Israel

Israel’s tech sector is one of the hottest in the world, and it’s due primarily to the startup culture in the country. The country’s startup culture has transformed Israel into a competitive tech industry with some of the world’s most promising startups calling Israel home.

And there’s also the benefit of Tel Aviv holding the Data Science Summit for four years.

The event is hosted by IGTCloud, and it was held in May. Data Science is one of the world’s driving industries because we have more data than ever before. The goal of autonomous driving can only be met with proper data scientists at the helm.

These individuals will be able to help intelligence robots and future AI calculate and make sense of big data.

Machine-learning and deep learning are all dependent on big data.

Data science is an industry that is truly innovative, and it will be the industry that offers the most potential for technological change.

And there’s a new reason for students to start pursuing their masters in data science: Yandex.

Yandex, the “Google of Russia,” is going to expand into Israel. The tech firm, the largest in Russia, will be launching a few services in Israel. The firm will be launching Yandex Music in just a few weeks, and then there are additional plans for Israel.

Times of Israel broke the news that Yandex is still thinking about opening a taxi venture in Israel and also plans to offer an eight-month course in data science. Yandex plans to introduce their Y-Data initiative in Israel, a course that will be very similar to what is already running in Russia.

Yandex has never offered the course outside of Russia before. The reason Israel has been chosen has a lot to do with its startup culture and “thirst for talent.” Yandex will offer the course at Tel Aviv University, and it’s likely that the company will start to use local, Israeli talent that they educate to work with Yandex.

Yandex has started to employ about half of the graduates that take their Russian program, so this would be a big break for many Israelis that want to work with one of the world’s largest tech companies. It’s also a very good thing for local talent and startups.

Data science is going to help many of these companies become a success, and with Yandex offering their own program, it will help many of the startups in Israel source talent that is highly trained.

Since a lot of the data science positions are being held by employees with computer-related degrees and not data science degrees, it will be a big step forward for a lot of the tech companies in Israel. The initial response to the program has been huge, with nearly 450 applicants, yet only 50 – 60 will be accepted into the program.

The demand for data science is high, and some students are even choosing to go abroad or online to pursue their degree in the field. It’s a booming industry that will only keep growing as tech companies pursue more complex, AI-related applications.

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