Why Do So Many Americans Accept Trump As Their Personal Savior?

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After three years of watching the unfolding political nightmare that America has become, just when you think you are exhausted at all of the president’s antics, the world’s biggest man child delivers yet another week of them.  When do you have to argue with a five year old?  When he’s got the equivalent of a 44 magnum pointed at your head and he promises to make your day.  Like Nero, bohemian emperor Donald Trump fiddles while America quite literally burns in the blue states and his propaganda extravaganza plays on nationwide television.

According to historian Rick Perlstein, police and white militiamen in Kenosha, WI acted upon what they saw preached by Trump and company at the Republican convention. Mr. Perlstein, a Milwaukee native is familiar with Kenosha. My aunt and her neighbors in that formerly quiet suburb have found themselves going through hell week. I called her in the wake of the alleged shooting of Jacob Blake by police in front of his children in the back as he reentered his car. My panicked aunt (a real sweetheart) could not speak long. Terrified, she was leaving her house with one of her sons. She had said that there was news that “trouble makers” were on their way.

The next night I saw the report of an armed vigilante shooting and killing 2 protesters. The alleged killer, Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, IL is seen passing by police officers in a photo after which police officers gave him a bottle of water and even thanked him for help.  Tucker Carlson attacked Jacob Blake as a “thug” and defended Rittenhouse while Jacob Blake is still handcuffed to a hospital bed though paralyzed from the waist down. So the country falls apart-pandemic, depression, riots and all as comrade Melania Trump in her military style outfit tells us all is well in the US and the party of Abraham Lincoln. Did I miss something on my way to the Twilight Zone? After all, Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said that if you are going to a lie, tell a big one since it’s more likely to be believed.

In my examinations of the Trump base, let’s start with the seemingly less violent individuals -televangelists who support Trump.  My first stop (and the most interesting one on my way to see the bearded lady) came when I ran across YouTube videos of deceased televangelist Kim Clement whose wife Jane still heads up their “House of Destiny” megachurch.  While there are a number of such fools, even lecherous old Jim Baker has tipped his hat and quoted Kim’s “prophecy” that Trump would be elected president as well as a number of other things attributed to him. Baker predicted civil war in America if Trump was impeached.  If you look at Clement’s video (what his church calls the “Prophetic Rewind”), you will see a masterfully put together piece of propaganda that supposedly presages Trump’s 2016 election and his anointing by God as the Messiah.  Remember last August when Trump designated himself as the ‘king” of Israel?  If you can stand to watch this crazy drivel, it is not some badly stitched together meme.  As a historian, I frankly think Clement’s video ranks right up there with propaganda greats such as Leni Riefensthal’s Triumph of the Will.  We will get to the anti-Semitic rabbit hole later.

Watching the freak show this past week on display at the circus at the convention was not enough for me.  A glutton for punishment, I watched  a couple of videos from last week where Donald Trump speaks openly about how he thinks he needs multiple terms.  One really has trouble wrapping one’s head around the fact that this Hitler want to be still has so many followers.  He doesn’t even have to joke any more about his intentions.  Like a pied piper, he has slowly played the flute until infantile minds are won over by his equally infantile Jedi mind tricks in a march down a road to their own perdition.  He has disarmed and disconcerted many sane people into inaction to say the least.  His bullying and constant maneuvering to widen his and his followers’ power base is meant to wear down his opposition.  COVID-19 and an economic crash only have blunted his political blitzkrieg.

While he has a huge following of militant agitators. Kyle Rittenhouse was simply another of these Manchurian candidates.  To fathom this, one must delve deeply into the political American psyche.  A series of changes have deepened a collective right-wing reactionary paranoia since the 1990s, especially in the last 20 years of the war on terror.  As I will show here, Trump is not the disease, but simply a symptom of that cancer that has been consuming the body politic for so long.  He is a logical product, like a tumor on the skin.  Let’s look beyond the Confederate and Nazi flag wavers.  We know who they ultimately have penis envy for. Trump is just serving as a tool and place holder to get to the real dystopian paradise they yearn for where all the untermenschen will be vanquished.  Whether Jefferson Davis or Adolph Hitler, Trump, Mike Pence or some other golem will smash all of the enemies of this white chosen people.

The Georgia Congressional race is just the most extreme recent example and even has anti-Semitic overtones.  A primary victory by Marjorie Taylor Greene is especially disturbing.  First of all, she is a reactionary of the worst stripe.  She expresses racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic views.  However, she is expressing something uniquely new:  a weird adherence to an increasingly virulent conspiratorial scourge called QAnon.  I will not go into great detail about this conspiracy community that has been growing on chat lists since 2017.  A Google search will bring you up to speed on events since then.  It is just one segment of a growing gaggle of marginal people, most of whom are white males and their spouses.

The anti-Semitic dreck almost slopped up publicly this week.  “Angel mom” Mary Ann Mendoza was pulled from the speakers lineup at the Republican national convention.  Paul Leblanc of CNN said that “Mendoza’s initial placement in the program highlights the extent to which the Trump campaign has leaned into its fringe support in the final months of the 2020 presidential campaign. Last week, President Donald Trump embraced followers of the baseless QAnon conspiracy, praising them for their support and shrugging off their outlandish conspiracies. An FBI office warned that QAnon adherents could pose a domestic terrorism threat.”

Since Trump has all of the intelligence (as in information, not computing ability), it is obvious that chaos is the pathway to his keeping power in 2020, just as it was to it in 2016.  Even if the openly anti-Semitic tendencies of QAnon can be discounted, the declaration by Kim Guilfoyle railing against ‘cosmopolitan elites “ should concern Jews.  In our history, we have went quickly from being court Jews to the gallows and or guillotine, depending on the leader.

To use conspiracy theory to describe an open criminal, let me say that Trump’s game may be problem, reaction, solution.  Create or effectively own and use the problem, manage the reaction and manage a fascist “solution.”  To borrow terminology from the 9/11 Truthers, let’s not forget that he is definitely instituting an inside job displayed openly.  The question is, will the Jews in his entourage be the poor unfortunates he decides to run over on his way to cover his rotund tuchus?

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Akiva ben Avraham is a former community college adjunct, US Army intelligence analyst and officer, and a caregiver.
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