Why do the left wing support BDS ?

I have been asking myself for some time why the so called “Boycott, Divest and Sanction” (BDS) movement has been so supported by the radical left wing folks in the West.

It seems odd to me, considering that Israel was founded using some aspects of socialist philosophy — notably the Kibbutz movement and people pulling together to turn what was a desert into farmland and beautiful towns and cities. The Israel Labour Party seems to receive very little support from the UK Labour Party or other alleged left wing groups around the world. Again this seems bizarre to me, because with support maybe the Israeli Labour Party could challenge some of the right wing rhetoric that exists and help build peace. Who knows.

Anyway, I now have a theory on this after recently visiting the Stasi Museum in Leipzig, Germany (a former city in the one time communist East Germany when it was divided after WW2).

On one of the walls describing the history of the Stasi, they were modelled on the Russian USSR state secret police who were the precursor to the KGB. Their purpose was to “establish the dictatorship of the proletariat”.
Within communist philosophy is a strong suggestion that a state has to be first established by force, using “the dictatorship of the proletariat”, in order to function.

Now my question is, perhaps the belief of those left wing radicals who support the BDS, is along these lines. Perhaps they believe that Israel must be destroyed and brought to its knees before their kind of positive so called Palestinian nation can be built in its place.

I do not know, but I cannot see otherwise how they condone the kind of destructive and anti-peace approaches that the BDS utilise.

If they do then their reasoning is very clearly flawed.

1. What will happen if (God forbid) Israel was destroyed?

Well it certainly won’t be a proletarian led nation with lots of wonderful socialist ideals in place, that is for sure. It will simply be another Muslim-led dictatorship which will destroy everything remotely Jewish and different and probably everyone around it. Look at all the other similar countries for examples. None have every made it into the “top ten happiest nations” list have they?

2. How does Boycotting, Divesting and Sanctioning do anything at all for peace?
Simple answer – it doesn’t!

All it does is divide people further and cause greater rifts and arguments, death and destruction, poverty and irresponsible leadership.

Yet how many European people support this!?

A ridiculous number. Why? Because many do not understand the effect or purposes of BDS.
They just think they are standing up for the ‘underdog’. Wrong! They are actually supporting a very aggressive and destructive organisation that is funded by several large Islamic countries whose only goal is the destruction of Jews, and control of their peoples, no matter what their rhetoric says.

These nations need Jews and Israel to be scapegoats while they manipulate, exploit and screw over their own people. Without Israel those people would probably rise up and destroy their leaders.

Far better than BDS – develop the grass roots efforts at peace. Grow these and stability will grow. Everyone will benefit. The Middle East will become a tourist destination and a business paradise.
I suspect some larger countries so not want that however because they would lose control over the Middle East and proxy wars would no longer be easy to incite.

So in short – the Left Wing radicals have been conned into diverting their efforts to a cause that is nothing to do with communist principles. I seriously hope one day they wake up and realise that Israel, in fact, is truly not their enemy.

About the Author
A British freelance writer and radio presenter/producer, John has written for the Jerusalem Post and various on-line publications. In the past he has written mainly on health-related subjects. After spending a significant time in Israel and visiting Palestine, and with many close friends in the area, he has a real wish to clarify some of the misunderstandings about the difficulties in the region.
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