Yakira Yedidia
Yakira Yedidia

Why Do We See Apples Everywhere?


Apples are everywhere. Remember your first encounter related to the dangers of biting a red apple? The Snow White fairytale, promoted by Disney to 3-year-old princesses to be, through books, movies and cartoons. You may pick your preferred media, and by doing so, it will guarantee your own little princess, will be able to re-tell the story of Snow White by the age of 4.

In kindergarten apples are everywhere as well.  It is the healthy part of your breakfast, as you’re told “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” besides if you’ll take your eyes off your Apple’s iPhone for a minute and look around, you may notice apples are the main decorative element in classrooms, as apples, education and wisdom are interlaced since … Adam and Eve! But why apples? why not avocados for example?

I remember receiving my 1st Torah book, at the end of 1st grade, only to learn in 2nd grade a simplified version of the story of the Garden of Eden, one of the most known stories found in the book of Genesis ( Bible). It explains how Adam and Eve, the first humans, sinned, the snake (witch) tempting Eve (Snow White) to take a bite of the forbidden fruit, an apple from the tree of knowledge (Good and Evil),  they were separated from God and were expelled from paradise.

Similar story line between the Garden of Eden story and the Snow White fairy tale, I can’t help but wonder, is there also a connection to Apple’s computers logo of a bitten apple…. am I connecting apples … I mean dots?  is it all random coincidences?!

Apples are everywhere. As your child becomes a teenager, they listen to Apple Records (record label founded by The Beatles in 1968) who produced and published the soundtrack of our lives, on an Apple’s iPad.  I said it once, I’ll say it again, Apples are everywhere. Once you pass down your old Apple‘s iPhone, to make sure, you as a parent, will have some form of communication with your teenager, it can be useful and practical, especially at times when they lock themselves up in their bedroom, they’ll respond faster if you’ll text them the schedule of your next, upcoming family trip to the Big Apple (New York City).

If an apple a day will keep the doctor away, will too many apples a day send us back to the doctor? Any ways, wishing you Happy new Jewish year, may you have a sweet year and don’t forget to dip your apple in honey.



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