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Why does the world tolerate barbaric Hamas?

The terror organization's tactics are as sadistic as those of ISIS, yet the world understood that ISIS had to be destroyed
Israeli security seen next to burnt cars at the entrance to the Gaza border community of Kibbutz Be'eri, October 9, 2023. (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)
Israeli security seen next to burnt cars at the entrance to the Gaza border community of Kibbutz Be'eri, October 9, 2023. (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

On October 7th, Hamas had 30,000 armed terrorists. Today, around five months after that, Israel has reportedly killed between 10,000 and 12,000 terrorists. That means Hamas has anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 armed terrorists still active in Gaza. They also have hundreds of miles of tunnels still active, which is where these terrorists are hiding.

Hamas has changed its tactics. At first, at the outset of the war, Hamas attempted to fight Israel in the open, and that’s when most of its terrorists were killed, because Hamas does not stand a chance against the most powerful military in the Middle East in open warfare.

Now, Hamas has changed its tactics, and they are not engaging against Israel other than in sporadic terrorist acts, where groups of one, two, or three terrorists will come out of hiding, fire an RPG or some sort of weapon, and then retreat. In many cases, these terrorists are eliminated, but the brunt of the force remains in hiding.

Why is this?

Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza, has made it very clear. He said that his plan is to wait out Israel and let civilian casualties mount, which they inevitably have to in the midst of this warfare, and let the international community come in and stop Israel. When that happens, Hamas emerges from its tunnels with at least 15,000 armed terrorists, and it’s very easy for them to recruit more terrorists. They claim victory against mighty Israel, and they still have the hostages.

At first glance, it does not seem like Israel has a lot of options other than continuing a very long-term fight and occupying Gaza, keeping troops there to make sure that these terrorists don’t attack again. At some point, they will run out of food. They will have to emerge from their tunnels, and then they can be eliminated. But of course, the international community does not want Israel to occupy Gaza.

So, it looks like Israel is in a tough spot. The only solution is to continue and wear them down, and it could take years.

But there is one other solution that the world used against another terrorist organization, ISIS.

When ISIS conquered large parts of Iraq and Syria, the United States led a coalition along with many other free countries to defeat ISIS. They fought either with their own troops or supported allied Arab troops and Kurd troops to finally defeat ISIS. They did not quit until they defeated ISIS, because everyone understood that ISIS is a threat to freedom. Their tactics were just barbaric and inhuman. So, the world said, we have to destroy them.

The same thing should be happening here against Hamas. There’s no difference between Hamas and ISIS. They’re as barbaric, as vicious, and they proved that on October 7th.

But what is the difference? Why isn’t the world forming a coalition to defeat Hamas, even diplomatically, to try to stop Hamas, cut off all their funding, cut off all their supplies, cut off all their support, and bring them to their knees? Why isn’t the world doing that?

Instead, it seems like the world is supporting Hamas, because they are engaging in negotiations. They’re supporting negotiations with them. They’re condemning Israel. They’re demonstrating against Israel. And they are trying to force Israel to cease fire, to let Hamas continue as a viable terrorist organization that can repeat the attacks of October 7th.

Why is the world doing that?

The only answer I can think of is because, in this case, it’s the Jews who are on the other end of this barbarity.

And when Jewish lives are at stake, apparently Jewish lives don’t matter.

We need to stand up against this and recognize that the world doesn’t care about Jewish lives. The only ones who are going to care about Jewish lives are us and our State of Israel.

That’s why we have to just stand strong, support Israel, and stand strong together, united, to protect ourselves wherever we are, whether it’s in Israel or the Diaspora, because it is clear that the world is not on our side. In fact, the world is in many ways supporting Hamas.

So let’s stand firm. Let’s stand together. Let’s stand united. And let’s pray that Hamas finally gets destroyed and Israel can live in peace once again.

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