Why ethno-nationalists are cheering on BLM

The re-emergence of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has raised the awareness of the racism faced by African Americans. Mass protests and rallies against racism ensued after the death of George Floyd on May 25 and spread across the western world. Even in far-away Australia, it re-ignited the Stop Black Deaths in Custody movement which focusses on an aspect of the racism faced by indigenous Australians.

These mass gatherings occurred at a time that the Covid-19 epidemic was still raging across the US and elsewhere. The flaunting of social distancing restrictions and of stay-at-home rules created its own backlash against the protests. People who had been unable to visit family members, or see off dying parents, or attend joyous family events, resented the double standards where governments and police permitted mass protests, or were unable to stop them occurring.

But there were others lurking and grinning, and cheering it all on. Not because they supported anti-racism protests, but because of the riots and ensuing anarchy, the intimidation and fear people felt, that occurred in many places in the US. This was seen, and welcomed, as the beginning of their much sought-after ‘Race War’.

As Euro (‘white’) ethno-nationalists, these Americans and Australians, British and continental Europeans, and others, believe in ethno-states and oppose multi-racial societies. They also believe that the ethnic European (‘white’) Western world – North America, Europe, Australasia – is being “invaded” via migration by Africans, Asians, and Arabs, in a planned process of White-Replacement. In the American case, they claim the “invasion” is also by mixed-race South American Hispanic populations.

Their solution to the “race problem”, as they see it, is the deportation of non-ethnic Europeans to Africa, Asia and elsewhere. But, as deportation requires political power, or military action to “encourage” or force non-ethnic Europeans to leave, or be killed, it creates the need to organise. The question is whether it is through the ballot box or through the gun.

The heroes of Euro-ethno-nationalists are Adolf Hitler, whose genocide of 6 million Jews is admired, Anders Breivik who murdered 77 left-wingers in 2011, Dylann Roof who murdered 9 African Americans in a church in 2015, Robert Bowers who murdered 11 Jews in a synagogue in 2018, Brenton Tarrant who murdered 51 Muslims in mosques in 2019, and Patrick Crusius who murdered 22 mostly Hispanics in a shopping centre in 2019. They are inspired by racist ideologues like George Lincoln Rothwell, William Luther Pierce, James Mason, David Lane, and others.

The Euro-ethno-nationalists are looking at the riots and anarchy, burnings and murders. They see the removal of statues, and the new custom of ‘taking a knee’ (symbolic of a protest against racism), as a means to intimidate and make ‘whites’ subordinate to ‘blacks’. They see this as the symbol of ‘white’ surrender and capitulation to ‘non-white’ races.

Like vultures, these Euro-ethno-nationalists have been circling and waiting, never averting their eyes. They view European western society as being racially impure and sexually degenerate, a civilisation in its last throes. They compare it to the Weimar Republic in the 1920s, the heyday of sexual freedom and artistic expression, but more importantly the precursor to the Third Reich in 1933. Now that it is 2020, many believe we are ‘in Weimar’, and that around the corner is the Fourth Reich which will usher in ‘an idyllic and pure world’ in North America, Europe and Australasia.

Many saw Covid-19 as the catalyst to White-Revolution, especially the ease with which to racialise it and blame the Chinese and the Jews for the pandemic. But the BLM actions have “accelerated” the revolution, not only through the violence, but also the propaganda coming from some BLM leaders. For example, the racist statement by Yusra Khogali, a Toronto-based leader of the BLM, of African background and a Muslim, who tweeted that “white ppl are recessive genetic defects”, thus dehumanizing ‘white’ people.

It is unknown how many of the ethnic-European mainstream and silent majority have moved politically to the right in order to try to maintain, or regain, what they feel they have lost – some semblance of democracy, rule of law, and cultural values, and ultimately of physical security. And of those who have moved to the right, how many are now adopting outright racist views, especially against those of African background, and adopting a hard hatred of the militant extremist left?

How many are feeling cornered, and seeing ethno-nationalism as the solution? For those who do, they may not understand the full ramifications of what they are signing up for – authoritarianism, institutionalised racism, re-introduction of strict gender roles, glorification of the military and war, and the restraint on free speech they sought to escape from. Some have spoken of having their eyes opened to a world they felt uneasy about but could not articulate, but now see it in all its radiant and hideous colours and tones.

And what of progressives and mainstream people, those of African, European and other ancestries, who may see all their dreams of social justice, racial equity, mutual respect between races, all come crashing down on their heads, as the society tears itself apart? Where do they turn to pursue their ideals?

Place all this on top of a pandemic, which has created not only mass unemployment, economic uncertainty, and social dislocation, but a general underlying anxiety amongst many people. Another layer to add is the increasing levels of racism and bigotry over the years before Covid-19 hit. Some of this was manifested through the White-Replacement ideology, which had already seen the massacres of Jews, Hispanics and Muslims.

Of far more importance and gravity, what are Euro-ethno-nationalists and other right-wing extremists thinking, planning, doing? A picture of the responses and perspectives held by some of these right-wing extremists to the BLM protests and riots, with an abundance of examples, is provided by a study of posts by people in one country – Australia – on one social media site – Gab.

Their postings fall into three broad categories – Jews as the orchestrators of BLM, African-Americans as inherently violent, and the opportunities for the ethno-nationalist movement. The following content is composed predominantly of direct quotes, as an effective method to convey the accuracy and tone of their views, in order to be better informed about the threat from Euro-ethno-nationalists and other right-wing extremists.

Jews – portrayed as the orchestrators of BLM violence

In response to the re-activated BLM movement, many right-wing extremists are promoting conspiracy theories about who is behind BLM and the outbreak of violence. Predictably, the number one target is that perennial scapegoat – “the Jews”. Whilst most right-wing extremists blamed Jews, a few sought another culprit – the government. Many openly referred to Jews, while some used triple parentheses, the (((echo))) symbol, around words as a code to indicate that they were referring to Jews.

Expressions by those people who blamed “the Jews” for BLM include: “Black Lies Matter is just another Jewish creation”; “Well it’s the jewish antifa organisers whom are paying the protestors $200 bucks per day and busing them in from out of town to smash up the cities”; “Jews are behind it, to divide the niggers and whites, kick out the Jews division will stop”; “Bunch of LOW IQ Global Commies, lead by jews, funded by Globalists like SOROS, paying blacks to riot”; and “Kikes really working hard to rile up the nogs against Whitie.”

In a similar vein, others wrote: “disgusting filthy #jews who incite riots and encourage blacks to loot and burn…  these stinking (((cockroaches))) … get rid of jews and our problems disappear…”; “Hebrew hounds ripping into Whitey’s throat as they loot and burn cities”; “you have to admit the jews ‘racism’ scheme is brilliant. they just whip up angry mobs and turn them against white people. so you don’t even focus on what the jews are doing”; and “These #GeorgeFloyd functionally #Jewish dindu riots… #America is on the fast track to Hebrew hell!”

There were those who focused on the BLM movement as being part of a broader strategy by “the Jews” to commit race war and genocide. These were expressed as: “The Levantine money changers have managed to orchestrate a worldwide racial holy war against whites. World War 3? You’re in it right now”; “So, how is everyone enjoying the jewish genocidal war against whites and Western civilisation? Are we having fun yet? Are you looking forward to a stunning and brave future of (((equality, tolerance and inclusion))) without white people?”; “(((They))) want a Race War. (((They))) know exactly what they are doing. … (((They))) know that the low IQ ngger is gonna act out this shit”; “They [Jews] want to incite the entire world to hate whitey”; “Is everyone enjoying our hegemonic jewish tyranny?”; and “The kikes are just itching for a hot race war.”

Others claimed that “the Jews” used African Americans for their own ends: “Stop blaming blacks for the violence, and treating ANTIFA … They are useful idiots and can be easily dealt with once we have won back our liberty and self-determination. The true enemy is the globalist Jewish ruling class, the corporate media they own, and the politicians they buy” and “When Jews lose power they unleash looting, raping, disgusting low IQ blacks. This is a tactic dirty Jews have used for hundreds of years.”

One person combined many antisemitic conspiracy theories: “This whole world wide ShitShow over the last six months or so, has been aided, abetted, orchestrated and funded, not to mention Completely promoted by the j€ω$ and media to further (((their)) j€ω World Order out of chaos agenda. Low IQ Niggers and brain dead liberals are too dumb, duped, delusional to see they’re mere tools to be used by these sick, satanic baby murdering j€ω$… I can’t wait to see what’s next on (((their))) twisted talmudic playbook…” Another person went so far as to call for lynching: “The only people in #America that deserve to be lynched in the streets are #Jews and Shabbos Goy #Zionist criminals.”

A minority preferred to place the blame on the government for orchestrating the riots, as a means to divert attention from the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of Covid-19, rather than putting the blame on Jews. This view was expressed with comments such as: “Were we about to find out that Covid-19 was mostly a hoax? so they quickly pressed the race war button???”; “Well they started the spooks rioting to get our minds off of the government’s guilt for the sarscovid ruination of business”; and “They want to get the Whites, who’ve been royally screwed by the sarscovid19 lockdown dictates, morally angry at someone other than the government, so they’ve rolled out the easily manipulated black mobs.” Others were more general: “These African riots are the fault of the anti-white corporate media, their paymasters, and the politicians too cowardly to stand for something other than their own re-election.”

African-Americans – portrayed as inherently violent

There was a great deal of commentary written by right-wing extremists about the violence of BLM protesters, and of people of African heritage in general. They portrayed and recycled discredited ideas of Africans as being inherently more prone to be violent than non-Africans, they dehumanised African Americans by comparisons with apes, used the term ‘chimping’ out, and African Americans were freely referred to by the highly derogatory term of “nigger”.

Videos were the prime means by which they portrayed the violence of BLM and of people of African ancestry. Videos were posted, and reposted multiple times by different people, showing violence during the BLM riots. For example, videos titled “A shocking video of a group of africans killing a white man” and “Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter Mob for Allegedly Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ National Media Fully Ignores” were posted. Another video showed that the “BLM run CHAZ Now has guns: Seattle autonomous zone ‘warlord’ filmed handing out AR-15s to followers” with CHAZ referring to the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” that BLM set up.

Videos unrelated to the BLM protests were posted to incite against African Americans, such as the video of “Africans bully and degrade a white toddler while an other African (potentially their mother) watches on and laughs. Reverse the races here and what’s the reaction?” One video came with the caption: “The Jewish media are now mocking white women as they are beaten up by fat negros at the supermarket.”

Right-wing extremists made claims that the media ignored ‘black-on-white’ violence: “There are dozens, if not hundreds of pictures and videos of blacks and communists brutally assaulting white people for being white”; they claimed that this is being hidden by the media, that “the same lying media tell everyone how bad and “violent” nationalists are because they are white” and that “Meanwhile hundreds of incidences of black on white violence never gets reported or if they have to report it, race is not mentioned. The Jewish media is the virus.” A video, not from the USA, but of an incident in Melbourne in mid-June where “a young white girl was beaten and hospitalised by a group of African savages” had multiple postings, and claims that the mainstream Australian media did not cover it.

Various images were posted of the initials ‘BLM’ which were turned into “Burn Loot Murder”. Elsewhere, posters claiming to be from BLM Scotland had the text “Kill a White on Sight”. Another poster claiming to be from BLM had the introductory text of “White – men women children * You are the enemy!” Such postings sought to reinforce a race war.

African Americans were dehumanised by comparing them to apes, using terminology such as “Revenge of the Planet of the Apes” and “Africans are a killer primate. They kill for no reason. They CHIMP OUT.” The term ‘chimp out’ derives from ‘chimpanzees’ and refers to the idea that people of African heritage have animalistic natures, and are more prone to be violent.

Later on, several videos were posted showing African Americans who had organised themselves into disciplined armed militia, unconnected to BLM or Antifa, along the lines of white nationalist militias. One such video was titled “Black militants are now Protesting and are Heavily Armed”. Another video showed an African American militia and the speech by the “Leader Of The Armed Black Militants Promises To Build A Blacks-Only Ethnostate Inside The U.S – Demands populated state of TEXAS.” As an alternative to mass deportation of those of non-European ethnicity, many Euro-ethno-nationalists support partitioning existing countries into two or more ethno-states, whereby some states are ‘white’ only, and others are ‘black’ only. Quite a few Euro-ethno-nationalists approve of establishing a “Blacks-Only Ethnostate”.

Euro-ethno-nationalists – their own portrayals

Right wing extremists in Australia closely followed the BLM protests and riots in the USA. Online, they posted prolifically about what it meant to the ethno-nationalist movement – the warnings previously given of what happens when ‘white people’ are pushed too far, the opportunities for ‘red-pilling’ mainstream ‘whites’, the process of accelerationism, leading to the goal of race war. After portraying Jews as the orchestrators of BLM violence and of portraying African Americans as inherently violent, the Euro-ethno-nationalists talked of what it all meant to their own cause. There were several strands of thought.

War against Whites

Many stated how they saw it – that this is a war being waged against ethnic Europeans: “The jewish mass media wants you to see the riots as “protests” for “racial justice,” but what we are seeing is really an anti-White insurgency” and “This is a war being waged against White People by our politicians & by our establishment. We are being systematically detached from our sense of racial consciousness, identity, & pride, our history is being distorted, corrupted, & erased.”

Some expressed their perspective on the reason for the problem as being “multiculturalism”: “The riots in the USA are a direct result of multiculturalism, conflict in this system is inevitable and the fact that the media are anti-white racebaiters only makes the situation far more explosive. What’s required is the complete separation of nations, that are ethnicities…”  This was echoed by another: “we need to separate, either send these Africans back to Africa or send them all to Florida and make it an independent nation. Then ban all non-Westerners from entering the West ever again, for anything other than tourism or short term business.”

One raised the issue of “How many CivNats who claimed the threat to the West was from Islam have now realised that the threat is actually ethnic? Civil war and ethnic balkanisation incoming, and this is the only way we get peace.”

Red pilling

Red-pilling is a term used to refer to ‘waking-up’ and seeing the world as it truly is (according to racist ideologies), eg “Jews control the world”, “feminism destroys family life.” Many expressed the view that the BLM riots were red-pilling many ethnic Europeans: “The leftists feel they are winning. They are winning in an echo chamber only and simultaneously red-pilling whites globally (which include center leftists) to racial realism and the failure of multicultural societies”; “Congrats to the White Lives Don’t Matter protests in making more whites racially conscious. Well done”; and “Yep, in the last few weeks BLM have redpilled more white people than the alt-right ever did.”

Others expressed it as: “These anti-white BLM riots have been a gift to nationalism around the world, millions and millions of normal people have just got a dose of what we’ve been seeing for years. Race matters, heritage matters, you can’t just wish this fact away”; “The good news is that white Millennials outside of these tiny cliques are also radicalizing in the direction of nationalism and racialism”; “This pushes Whites further towards me on the Far-Right! Keep up the good work, racists!”; “I fully support #BlackLivesMatter, please don’t stop doing what you are doing”  and “We are growing stronger every day.” One person even wondered “Will black people redpill Whites on jews?”

One explained: “It wasn’t Trump who pushed me to the extreme right. It wasn’t neon Nazis. It wasn’t the internet. It was the behavior of jews, blacks, muslims, AWFLs [Affluent White Female Liberals], academia, the media, the globalist elite, the LGBQT cult, and everyone who sat their doing nothing, letting Western decay reach critical mass.”


Many began to express warnings of ethnic European responses to the perceived “war on whites” by citing the white-nationalist version of the Rudyard Kipling poem, posting that “we are NOT going to take it much longer. Saxon hate is rising” and “The Saxon is beginning to hate.”

Others used images to show what happens when ethnic Europeans organise, and to compare ‘black’ violence with ‘white’ violence. Images were posted of mass parades of Nazi German troops with the caption “This is what a white chimpout looks like”, using the term “chimpout” which is generally used referring to violence by ethnic Africans. An image of a pair of photos, one of a group of African Americans rioting, jumping on burnt-out cars, with the caption “Black people when they get pushed too far”, and the second one of a Nazi German parade with the caption “White people when they get pushed too far”. The message being conveyed is that ethnic Africans may riot and destroy suburbs, but ethnic Europeans will politically organise a whole country into a military power in order to destroy their enemy.

One expressed how he saw it: “This is what many people don’t understand about Whites: Guns and ammunition are a part of White culture, it’s imbedded into our DNA. Whites also know how to organize – negroids don’t. This is exactly why negroids will never win the race war. Now, they can scream like apes, vandalize private property and throw temper tantrums all that they want, even call us ‘evil white devils’ – It’s not going to help their cause or their race, it’s just pissing us the fuck off. And this is one of the many reasons why National Socialism is rising all around the world. Sieg Heil.”


Many expressed that the BLM riots were accelerating society towards a race war. There was support for the BLM demand to “defund the police”, as the de-policing of cities was seen as leading to a rise in crime and lawlessness, especially violence by BLM and their supporters and by ethnic Africans in general. Many posted claims that in various cities “Cops are walking off the job” with the tweet “If you want a society without police we’ll give you one. Let it burn!” Another stated that “Communists calling for an end to the police in the US is actually really funny, please defund them, see what happens.”

One expressed it this way: “Here’s accelerationism: Every police department in all the major shitlib cities silently walk off the job on a nationwide strike. For an indefinite leave of absence… Bring chaos total… Release the Blacken. Then, when the cities are in flames… The Gotterdamerung has arrived, and tribute must be paid in full.”

There were images posted showing an African American and an Antifa activist asking an ethnic European man “You’re seriously going to let us burn down these liberal cities?!?” and the ethnic European saying “Yes”. The message being conveyed is that the more violence there is by African Americans and BLM, the more ethnic Europeans will come over to the Euro-ethno-nationalist cause, hence “the white man” allowing it to happen without resisting, until the time is ripe to go to war.

It was fairly common that BLM was referred to as ‘communist’, especially as some BLM leaders, such as co-founder Patrisse Cullors, admitted to being “trained Marxists”.  Opposition to the left and to communism was widely expressed, as was conflating BLM with communism: “How do you gaslight the populace and get away with a (((violent communist overthrow))) of the West? Call it “freedom of expression” and “peaceful assembly”.”

Some sought violence: “Communists are terrorists, if the establishment don’t want a civil war, or a violent and bloody coup attempt, they need to drag every single communist out onto the street and charge them with capital crime” and “Will the military start shooting all the commies soon?” One was looking far ahead: “I fully support the #CHAZ movement and support every communists right to set up their own autonymous zone. It will save making the prison camp later.”

Democracy vs violence

Many expressed the idea that violence is effective and that democracy has failed the people: “These riots and the reaction from the ruling class and their media should leave us all in absolutely no doubt that violence is an effective means of changing things. Blacks and communists riot around the West and politicians, police officers and collaborator whites kneel to them. Voting changes absolutely nothing, it’s a rigged game that keeps the ruling oligarchy in power. Democracy always fails and it’s failed in the West, the only question is what are we going to do about it?” Another wrote that “you change minds through words or through swords. There is no third choice.” Violence was not only justified, but promoted by the Euro-ethno-nationalists.


America, indeed much of the West, was on a rocky and increasingly polarised path, well before the re-emergence of Black Lives Matter. The violence emanating from some sections of the BLM movement is counter-productive. African Americans, and all minorities around the world, need to have their human rights and human dignity upheld and respected. However, violence is not the way to achieve this.

As can be seen in the online comments quoted above by Euro-ethno-nationalists and other right-wing extremists, the stakes are rising – blaming “the Jews” for orchestrating the violence, portraying African Americans in dehumanising terms, and themselves feeling enabled and emboldened to instigate a race war or white-revolution. If this occurs, the mayhem and violence will escalate. And the end result? A nightmare of gargantuan proportions. It may take several years to occur, if it does.

Now is the time to stand against racism, extremism, and violence, emanating from any quarter.

Disclaimer: All quoted comments throughout the article are reproduced as in the original, without any correction of spelling or grammar. 

About the Author
Julie Nathan is the Research Director at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the peak representative body of the Australian Jewish community, and is the author of the annual ECAJ Report on Antisemitism in Australia.
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