Jose Lev Alvarez Gomez

Why Has Not Peace Arrived Yet?

Impartially answering this question is complex. In my personal case, even more. Therefore, I hope to be able to transmit a real perspective from an optic that in the West it is not so common to hear about. Thus, in this essay, we will analyze what happened in Israel on May 2021 -which is basically the same scenario that has been taking place for the past couple of weeks- and explore an angle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that many people detest. On the aforementioned date, the Palestinian Arabs living in East Jerusalem wanted to massively pray during Ramadan at the Al-Aqsa mosque. Distancing restrictions were placed on them (Arab communities, alongside Haredi Jews, had the highest COVID-19 contagion rates in Israel). As a result, they rejected these regulations, started stabbing Israeli soldiers and used Molotov cocktails throughout the city, burned car wheels, and even beat and stabbed Haredi Jews in order to record these events with the purpose of sharing this repulsive material on TikTok.

Faced with these atrocities and as a result of the generational resentment the Palestinians have (due to the fact that they are resigned to admitting that they have lost the war and that they are reluctant to negotiate ‘peace for peace’), the police and the army proceeded to arrest and to counteract this chaos in the Israeli capital. Nevertheless, among foreign media, we only see headlines like “Israeli Police Beat Palestinian and Chokes Him White Cops Did Against George Floyd”. This type of headline, rooted in modern anti-Semitism -which is based on attacking Israel in order to avoid attacking the Jews directly (because after Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews no one has the will to directly mock Jews unless you are an Al-Quds TV or Al-Aqsa TV host; which in fact are both funded by the European Union and the United States…), is a problem for several reasons. First, by generating sensationalism, you are clearly appealing to people’s feelings (typically, individuals who reject Israel’s mere existence without having much knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict), and second, it does not tell the real story. So, when you read such an article you realize that the cop in the discussion did not really arrest anyone like George Floyd and to top it off you discover that this arrested person tried to stab someone.

However, in this generation of misinformation and lies, where fake news is common, the only thing that matters to the international media -increasingly influenced by political correctness and terrified of telling the truth because it might hurt people’s “feelings”, in a clear demonstration of not going against general opinion to protect their commercial interests – they do not tell you that before the May 2021 conflict between Israel and Hamas, the fire in the Al-Aqsa mosque that pushed this conflict to another level, was caused by the Arabs themselves. But how? After the Israeli soldiers had to close the mosque (because inside the enclosure the Arabs were saving weapons and stones to be used against the Jews praying at the Western Wall) a group of Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at soldiers and, in turn, they ignited the trees around the mosque. Then, Pro-Palestinian international media who hates to see how after 2,000 years the Jews in 75 years have built a prosperous nation, say that the Israelis “burn the mosque while praying on the Western Wall”. Well, no. Actually, while the surroundings of the mosque were burning and the military firefighters were dealing with the fire, the Jews kept praying at the Western Wall because, despite the terror and fear that the Arabs wanted to transmit, the Jews are not leaving.

Along with all this, Hamas – in the middle of an electoral campaign before possible elections in Judea and Samaria and with polls saying that they could widely defeat their arch-enemy Fatah – decided that it will launch missiles toward Israel (including Jerusalem and other towns in southern Israel, where ironically Arabs also live) because of what happened in Jerusalem. However, who is Hamas? Hamas is a terrorist group that was born during the Second Intifada. Their only “achievements” have been endless immolations in Jerusalem during the First and Second Intifadas -killing hundreds of Jews and Arabs- and when they have nothing else to do, they murder their own co-religionists for talking about “making peace” with the enemy or shooting to people for being homosexual since they do not support the “barbaric and blasphemous acts as their enemy does” (Israel is probably one of the most “gay-friendly countries in the region and the world and the largest tourist destination for LGBTQ people). Also, they are responsible for Daesh’s and Al-Qaeda’s presence in Gaza and in the Sinai Peninsula and have recently pushed for the establishment of other terrorist groups such as the Lion Den’ in Jenin.

Since 2007, Hamas controls the Gaza Strip with an iron fist (Israel unilaterally left Gaza in 2005 -after occupying it in 1967 during the Six-Day War- and handed over the territory to Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA). However, the PA lost the territory after a Hamas coup d’etat, expelled Fatah and the PA from Gaza, and since then this place has been a terrorist nest from where thousands of missiles have been launched at Israel). The Sunni terrorist organization, who in their founding letter calls for the eradication of the Jewish people “even if they hide behind the trees” and praised the horrible event in which Muhammad’s army beheaded the Banu Qurayze Jewish tribe -with whom he ironically lived during his exile- due to their rejection of Islam, have not given up; and after 4 wars, they still seek to be the sole representatives of Palestinian people. In the West, before an electoral appointment, political parties typically carry out advertising campaigns and promote their candidates. In the Palestinian territories, Hamas launches missiles against Israel, and sometimes even their own missiles fall within their territory killing civilians (something that happened 222 times during the May 2021 conflict; I even saw it with my own eyes!) since they keep their military arsenal in hospitals, schools, and civilian homes so that when Israel “attacks” they can accuse the Jewish State of being “genocidal”.

However, the Israelis, are “so murderous” that before bombing an infrastructure where they know there are surface-to-air missiles and where there are rockets, they send text messages and letters from the air to the civilians who live there asking them to leave before the bombing. Even before the bombardment, they make one last ‘noise’ (with a flare) warning people to leave. However, Hamas does two things: either it forces these families to take their children up to the roof -using them as human shields- so that Israeli aviation is forced not to bomb that infrastructure full of explosives, or it forces the father of the family, in many cases alongside its children, to remain and die inside these houses in order to become a “shahid” and to join the 72 virgins waiting for him in heaven. This way, they are able to sell their version of the events, victimize themselves and sell the headline that “Israel bombs a civilian building”.

Perhaps, the clan culture in Gaza and the Arab world, in general, explains why they are in chaos. However, why do they kill each other and why did when the Jews left Gaza the first thing they did was burn the synagogues that were there, raze the existing flourishing agricultural fields and eradicate the government buildings instead of using them for other purposes?

Using what happened in the Al-Aqsa mosque on May 2021 as an excuse, using the expulsion of Palestinians from Jewish private land in Jerusalem – handed down by a court clinging to the rule of law – and using a simple electoral campaign to launch more than 3,000 missiles at Israel and try to sell themselves as the victim, is not fair. But more repulsive is to see how the international community and the world take their side. So, I just hope that one day the Western world will rise up – especially the international left, which every day becomes stunned, and forgets the more than 120 million murders of communism/socialism and allies itself with radical Islamism (important to note that Hamas is the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza) as a way of being “solidary against with the Zionist oppression” – and see what they really are, but there in the Western capitals. Because the problem is not that Erdogan grants Hamas passports to travel around the world to export their hate, the problem is that one day Hamas and its minions will settle in London, Paris, Washington, and Barcelona.

By then, they won’t stab or anything like that as other terrorist-Salafist groups currently do in Europe. No. By then, they will use drones and attack civilian populations as Hamas and Hezbollah do in Israel. Then, that day they will realize what it is that not even the sky where you live is safe. That day they will realize what living in Israel is like.

This reality is harsh. However, I am afraid that people are moving away from the truth and appealing to the lies they consume because of their lack of education. That is why it is no coincidence that the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (a book full of lies and created by the tsarist intelligence services which fostered the 19th-century Russian pogroms) is the essence of the fundamental letter of Hamas. That is why it is no coincidence that the Palestinian identity – born in the 1930s and forged in the refugee camps in countries like Syria and Lebanon (countries where today, despite being their Arab “brothers”, the Palestinians lack citizenship, working permits are fully denied and where Palestinians are obligated to permanently live in refugee camps funded by the US) -, it is a ‘modern’ creation since the Palestinians are genetically related and share a common history with the Lebanese. Yet, since the arrival of the British, they have claimed this territory and have come to call themselves “Palestinians” (in a clear reference to the name the Romans gave to the Jews when they arrived there; however, although the Palestinians call themselves that way to show more nativity to the land than the Jews, they forget that this was a name of contempt on the part of the Romans towards the Jews -who were actually the first ‘Palestinians’- since the “Philistines” were the greatest enemies of the Jews and in mockery, the Romans started calling Jews ‘Palestinians’; even this chimera is a lie..).

In fact, when Jews returned to the Land of Israel they created a strong State where the Arab-Christian/Muslim population has the best quality of life index in the entire region outside of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Due to the lack of knowledge, we forget that the greatest political and religious reference of the Palestinians was a Nazi ally, who suggested to Hitler to push for the extermination of the Jewish people so that they would not reach the Land of Israel, who supported the pro-Nazi Muslim troops in the Balkans and spent the entire Second World War in Berlin. For this reason, we forget that what Israel is experiencing today has a root: the lack of historical knowledge, but above all the misrepresentation of the facts.

Again, it is easier to appeal to feelings and short headlines/videos (because in this digital age, it is easier to watch a few-second video than read). However, to properly respond to our question, we have to become analytical beings and not believe in everything that CNN or Fox says. But, why?

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, victimization is synonymous with throwing a stone and hiding the hand. In Israel, missiles were falling because of an electoral issue among the Palestinians themselves. For a matter of demonstrating whether Hamas has more ‘testosterone’ than Fatah against the “Zionist enemy.” That’s all. Now, victimization always appeals to feelings and the idea of oppression with the intention of delegitimizing the strongest even if you are the one who threw the first stone, and even if you are the culprit.

In other words, giving them land in the 1990s only meant more deaths and a Second Intifada (although they argue that it all started with Sharon’s visit to the Dome of the Rock while forgetting when they hurled stones from the Temple Mount cusp at Jews praying in the Western Wall). Re-applying this formula in the hope of getting back on the road to peace and handing over Gaza in 2005 without any preconditions, unilaterally, has only meant the death of thousands of people on both sides because the Arabs/Palestinians are always those who start conflicts without any reason. Thusly, offering them 1) 93% of Judea and Samaria, 2) Gaza, and 3) co-sovereignty in Jerusalem only yielded rejection because the Al-Assad family and Iran threatened them with death if they accepted such an agreement with Israel. Therefore, the problem is not the ‘Israeli furious oppression’. No. The problem is the Palestinian political leaders (both Fatah in Judea and Samaria and Hamas in Gaza) who hate each other and who instead of coming together to sit at a peace table with Israel – acknowledging that not all of their aspirations are possible since when they had Israeli land in their possession they used Jewish cemeteries as latrines and forbade Jews from praying for almost 20 years in their most sacred place- they only appeal to create more chaos, pain, and death.

The problem is those leaders who refuse to step aside and who cling to their clans in order not to walk away from power, thus continuing the vicious cycle of hating each other and the State of Israel as well. The problem is that Palestinian leaders divert money from the international community to use it to create missiles and underground tunnels with the aim of reaching Israel and kidnapping Israeli civilians people, while not using these funds to feed their own people.

The problem is that their leaders do not want to admit that even though they launch missiles at Israel, the Jewish State still supplies them with water, electricity, and the money that Qatar sends to Gaza because Israel does not seek to kill the civilians, but rather the terrorists who cause them pain.

The problem is that their leaders have a hard time understanding and recognizing that if it was not for Israel’s intelligence, all their current leaders would have been killed by their own internal enemies since their world of clans is based on that: treason. If in doubt, we should ask Abu Mazen or Ismail Haniyeh. The problem is that it is difficult for them to recognize that 90% of the Palestinian population lives under their control -not under the “occupation”- and that the economic and social disaster has been caused by themselves. The problem is that even though $150 million a year is spent paying salaries to terrorists who have tried or killed Israelis, the Jewish State still pays them more than $500 million a year in tariffs that they committed to during the Oslo Accords. The problem is that they accuse Israel of creating “apartheid” and ethnic cleansing, yet almost two million Arabs live in Israel, while the State to which Fatah and Hamas “aspire” has made it clear that it must be “free of Jews.”

The problem is the narrative of lies that many Palestinians sell. In fact, it is really sad to see how the international community repeats the same lies and fights against talking about other perspectives that might be closer to the truth. As I initially mentioned, I have no doubts that there is fear of attacking the Jews directly and obviously, it is easier to attack the only democracy -quite imperfect, yes- that prevails in the Middle East and in which Jews defend the Arabs from the attacks of others radical Jews who want to kill Arabs (something that does not happen to the contrary at all). And this, you won’t read it on the news or watch it on BBC or CNN. You will only hear that “Jews kill Arabs” while they forget about what happened in Hebron in 1929 or about the thousands of terrorist attacks that Arabs/Palestinians have carried out against Israelis inside and outside its borders.

Despite being aware of why this conflict does not have a permanent solution, I hope that one day that Palestinians will realize that there is another path. A route called “peace” in which Israel will have to make concessions, in which Israelis and Palestinians will have to recognize that no one is leaving the land, and in which both parties will have to start looking at each other with trust. A future where Arabs and Israelis will sit down to have some coffee, talk in Hebrew/Arabic and remember that both parties love “Inta Omri”. Personally, I have that hope, but honestly, that future is in the Arab’s/Palestinians’ hands. If this is not the objective, peace will be endlessly elusive.

In the meantime, Israel can only fight, hide its civilians from Hamas and its minion’s missiles and fight Palestinian terrorism.

About the Author
Jose Lev Alvarez Gomez, BS, MA, MA, MD, Sgt. (Ret) is an Israeli who completed a B.S. in Neuroscience, Israel Studies, and Pre-Med Track at The American University (Washington, District of Columbia) and a bioethics course at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts). After his undergraduate studies, he went on to become a sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces - Special Forces Unit 888, obtained a medical degree and completed two master's degrees: Applied Economics at UNED (Madrid, Spain) and International Geostrategy and Jihadist Terrorism at INISEG (Madrid, Spain). Currently, he is completing two more master’s degrees: Security and Intelligence Studies at Bellevue University (Bellevue, Nebraska) and Clinical Psychiatry at the European University of Madrid. Lev speaks eight languages, has written more than 180 academic papers/books/independent research projects/opinion articles/theses, is a member of multiple academic/medical organizations, and collaborates with several newspapers and journals. His professional interests are academia, applied economics/businesses, Israel studies, medicine, and scientific dissemination. José is a believer that in a diverse world, human beings are obliged to have multiple skills and varied knowledge to effectively contribute to their societies.
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