Why hasn’t President Trump banned Two main Countries?

There has been a lot to do over President Trump’s new immigration order, and about the countries which were not banned from entering the United States. I think there are more factors that need to be taken into account, rather than just the fear of incoming terrorists.

First, allow me to address the countries which were banned, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya all have unstable government as well as a large presence of many terrorist organizations. Iran, while having a stable government, has frequently sought to directly threaten the United States.

As much as this may be true, the real question is why didn’t President Trump ban other countries, which have in the past facilitated terrorists who then attacked the United States?

One reason, for some countries not being on the list, could be due to those countries having a stable government, or another might for economic reasons. However, in my opinion, there is a different reason for these countries not being on that list, one that has to do with more than just the United States.

Is it possible, that these countries were not included because they have had a larger role in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians?

When the immigration order came out, many people questioned the absence of two main countries from the list, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Saudi Arabia is one of the key players when it comes to anything that has to do with the Palestinians. They are a large source of income for the Palestinians as well as safe asylum for their leaders. If anything is to happen regarding a solution, Saudi Arabia has to give it support.

Egypt is just as big of a player when it comes to this conflict. They have been very involved in the ongoing search for a solution. One of their actions was to hold peace talks in Cairo, another was their cooperation with Israel when they pulled their resolution regarding the settlements from the UN. Moreover, they leaked to Israel the information about the United States being behind the resolution that was passed.

Since Trump has been elected, and now sworn into office, he has said numerous times that he is going to end the Israeli Palestinian conflict. In past articles I have shown what I think the solution is going to be, a two state solution which will be a one sided decision written up by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and backed by U.S President Trump and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

In order for this to be possible, President Trump must stay on good terms with both Saudi Arabia and Egypt. If these two countries do not sign off on the solution, it will be almost impossible for the Western world to see it through.

I am sure that Trump knows how crucial these two countries are to the success of any type of solution visa vie Israeli Palestinian Conflict. This is why I think that not banning these countries has greater diplomatic value than the countries which are banned from the United States.

About the Author
Roey Nickelsberg was raised in Arad and is currently completing his Masters in Under Water Archaeology at Haifa University.
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