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Why I have no problem with Steve Bannon

(The following was written as a response to a letter I received rom a friend, a liberal Jewish professor in England, who could not comprehend my support for Trump , Bannon and company – jjg)

Today, serious anti-Semitism comes not from the ‘aryan’ right, but from the left. In America, organizations like the KKK and its ilk are marginal in size, are geographically isolated, and lack serious connectivity to the sources of power on even the most local level. The only ones who perceive them as a threat are a left-progressive media which conveniently trains its spotlights on them when it serves its purposes to do so. The same is true for progressive-left Jewish organizations like ADL, National Council of Jewish Women, and the CCAR that lack any raison d’etre, hence the need to focus on this particular mini-microcosm of Jew hatred — especially if such wolf-crying helps bolster the electoral prospects of those progressive-left candidates who are being backed by the NY Times and its fellow travelers at CNN,NPR, Washington Post, LA Times etc.

The sick part is that it is not the anti-Semitism of the fringe rightist groups that troubles either the media or the liberal Jewish organizations. If they were truly concerned about Jew-hatred, they would find it not at the fringes of the right but, rather, metastasized throughout the Democratic party and touted not only by Jew-hating leftist gentiles but by plenty of self-hating Jews within.

No peep was heard from any of these nouveau wolf-criers when Obama was running for POTUS despite his 20 year history of attending the church of virulent Jew-hater Jeremiah Wright, and despite his bosom-buddy friendship with Rashid Khalidi and an entire slew of fierce, Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers.

And not one of these liberal Jewish organizations can be heard uttering a peep about the virulent Jew-hatred in Black Lives Matter – which they unanimously endorse – or coming from the LGBT sector, or from the rest of the alphabet soup of intersectionally intertwined liberal groups ALL OF WHOM are committed to the destruction of Israel. Nor is there word from such liberal Jewish groups (let alone the mainstream media) about the terrifying spread of violent anti-Semitism on the US campus, whereby Jews and ONLY Jews are the ones being targeted by howling mobs of crybullies among the politically correct.

Steve Bannon is NOT a Jew-hater. Such accusations are laughable were they not in lockstep with Goebells’ dictum that the more you repeat a lie the more people believe it. He works with Jews, he hires Jews, he supports Jews, and he is the fiercest supporter of the State of Israel (which is what the left hates most about him, including, if not especially, leftist Jews).

That there are fringe white elements who claim to support him or Trump or whomever is no more his problem or fault than the argument against buying New Balance sneakers because, ostensibly, KKK members prefer them.

Back in the 1930s Jews were accused of being both Communists and rabid capitalists. Back then there were Jews who were one or the other, but not both. Today, unfortunately, we have some Jews who are both, especially in Hollywood and on Wall Street. George Soros is the prime, but hardly the solitary, example of a totally secular Jew who pillages entire economies, and then uses his ill-gotten gains to finance sabotage against the US, within the EU, and the destruction of the State of Israel. Others are not quite as anti-Semitic as he is, but nevertheless belong to that coterie of Democratic party ‘owners’ who also control Wall Street. And incidentally, Wall Street has long since ceased to be a place which finances new business that create new jobs. Instead it has become a cancer ward that manipulates the economy and makes sure that the very richest only get very richer with nothing trickling down. At least Donald Trump built buildings and hotels, and hired workers and even paid most of them. The Wall Street moguls – and many of them are nominally Jewish – are a corrupt and destructive force. And if calling them for what they are “greedy, manipulative, thieving” makes on an anti-Semite then I, too, am an anti-Semite. But I vastly prefer anti-Semites who want to destroy Wall Street to anti-Semites who want to destroy Israel. And with barely any exception (I can’t think of even one) no Jewish billionaire on Wall Street (or in Hollywood) is anything but a liberal Democrat and, at best, equivocal on the subject of Israel. Thank G-d Steve Bannon and his colleagues are unequivocal. Their support for Israel seems absolute.

Donald Trump is a vulgar buffoon. Yet on the crime chart this hardly rates compared to the terrible crimes of Hillary Clinton and her private crime syndicate. She was on the payroll of the most venal Islamic governments. She and her husband had the Justice Department firmly under their crooked control. She has serious blood on her hands from Benghazi. She ran a pay-to-play foundation that sold influence in the US government at the highest level WHILE SHE WAS SECRETARY OF STATE. She raised hundreds of millions in charity money for Haiti disaster relief yet spent almost none of it there, while most of it disappeared for ‘expenses’. The list goes on and on. As for her attitude toward Israel, the best one can say is it is the same as her attitude toward all policy – “what’s in it for me?”. Hence she might occasionally do the right thing, but NEVER for the right reason. Which means she can never be trusted, not by anyone.

Now to the white working class: Finally the neglected, forgotten, unemployed masses of “flyover” America have woken up to the fact they are being systematically fleeced by a Democratic party machine that doesn’t give a toss about them. Hillary called them “the deplorables” — yes about 50% of the American population is deplorable as far as she was concerned, and if that reminds you of the attitudes of the Nazi Party in Germany, it should. Because the distance between “deplorable” and “disposable” is a small one indeed.

More importantly, the liberal media and the Jews are howling about white nationalism. Not once do they utter any concern about the virulent, violent black movements that are rioting in our urban streets, murdering police officers, murdering EACH OTHER, and robbing the treasury blind with ever-increasing blackmail and demands for more, more, more. Yet with the PC Gestapo on the loose one may not say anything about this.

Hispanics are not nearly as violent, but there are 11 million of them in the US illegally with more coming every day. Regardless of whether they are unduly represented among the criminal class (they are) the fact is they are criminals a priori for having entered the US illegally. Yet the Obamas and the liberal Jews and the liberal media take up their cause as if it were holy – probably because most of them, being limousine liberals, have several of these illegals doing their childcare, cooking, cleaning, gardening and shoe shining. And because these slaves are in America illegally they can underpay them and get away with it. Isn’t it swell to profit illegally from one’s self-righteousness?

Net, net, minorities can AND DO organize – with solid liberal support and college student participation – and do extreme violence, pillaging, vandalism, and highway-blocking while shouting the most violent racist (anti Jew, anti-white, anti Israel) slogans without having to fear any editorial backlash, let alone hear any whinings from the liberal Jewish organizational world.

It appears Trump is surrounding himself with a coterie of terrific, pro Israel, pro America people. People who are not enamored of the EU, who know to distrust the Arabs, who are disgusted with the terrible deal Obama forged with Iran, and who love and support the Jewish State of Israel. What a refreshing change this is. No wonder knee-jerk liberals (i.e. Jews) are freaking out.

And finally, someone posted this riddle on Facebook. It pretty much sums up my contempt for liberal American Jewry’s attitudes:

  1. What’s the difference between Donald Trump and a liberal Jew?
  2. Donald Trump’s grandchildren are Jewish.
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J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.
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