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Why I printed my own business card, and why you should also print yours

This story began a few months ago. I’ve been reading a lot lately. Once, I read a few blog posts that suggested that job seekers should have their own business card. I wrote that down as one more activity on my “To Do” list (I use Google Keep. I have the app on my phone and a saved link in my browser’s favorites, and update information wherever I am). But since this wasn’t a priority, I just snoozed the alarm and shifted it to the following week (I do that more often that I would like… but from time to time I review my “To Do” list to make sure that I keep all the activities on track). So the activity was there, waiting for a “free slot” in my agenda.

Then, I started to attend networking events and people exchanged business cards. I was in that awkward situation where I needed to state either “I’m out of business cards” or “I forgot my business card at home”. But then I thought of something else: “Can I add you on LinkedIn?”. And it worked – so creating and printing my own business card wasn’t a priority yet.

When the blog was born, all my attentions were directed to writing, reading, engaging people, learning more and more new skills (content writing? SEO? Followers, Influencers? Knowledge and experience added to my skill set!). After my debut at ‘The Time of Israel’ (TOI), I received a message in my LinkedIn inbox that would change my priorities! Assaf Luxembourg, – speaker, consultant, advisor, business developer, mentor for the Masa Program students and fellow writer at TOI – sent me a message saying that he read my blog on TOI and that he also writes about similar subjects from a different point of view; and that he would love to help me. I started to read his LinkedIn and I was so flattered to receive his message! I did a fast research on him, answered him back (thanking him, of course!) and invited him to coffee.

We met at WeWork Hertzilia, were he works. The next hour and a half were filled with very interesting stories from both sides. And, during this conversation, Assaf explained his theory that “We Are All Business Units” – you are your own boss and “your boss” is your customer (you can also watch his talk in one of the Tel-Aviv Talks). This mentality needs to applied, whether you are a freelancer or an employee and receive a monthly payment, in the new work world. And then, he said to me: “Don’t look for a job, Biz-Dev!” (from “business development”). Bingo! A light bulb went off in my head! I connected the dots! “This is why I need to find some time to create my business card NOW!” – I thought to myself.

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Here are some of the main decisions that I had to take and how did I solve the problem of not having a business card:

  • Which design to choose for your business card? I found Temploola, a website that offers free word templates for business cards, resumes, invitations and other printable.
  • What to write in your business card? I followed the instructions that I found on several websites that I read, such as this and this. I also added a QR code that directs the person to my LinkedIn profile
  • Where to print? I printed mine here, but ask any place that offers printing service if they print business cards
  • When to use them? When attending a job fair, a career networking event, or meeting a contact one-on-one.

I already gave out some of my business cards in the last events that I were last week. I even met someone that is also ‘in between jobs’ and when I gave him my business card, he sighed and said: “Oh, you have a business card! What a great idea!”. No more excuses not to get connected to that VP Marketing who just so happens to work for your dream employer and has direct connections to positions you’re interested in!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and now you have the tools to print your own business card! I’ve been asked a lot about networking – how to do, where to go, how to start a conversation, and so on… So, my next posts will be about ‘all you need to know about networking’. Stay tuned for the next posts! Please, like, comment or share the post so more people can read it!

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