Aaron Rosenberg
Aaron Rosenberg

Why is Linda Sarsour so sexy?

She’s a vile, offensive extremist, and we can learn a thing or two from her sexy brand of activism.

Linda Sarsour is the Palestinian-American darling of the hard-left’s “intersectional” movement. Dubbed the “homegirl in a hijab” by the New York Times, she is as Brooklyn as cold-pressed juice and preaches a muddled brand of social justice to growing, captivated audiences she lovingly refers to as “sisters and brothers” – crowds unfazed by the lunacy of a Sharia law advocate expounding on women’s rights.

She’s also not a fan of Israel, and this permeates her activism. Sarsour almost never fails to inject dreaded Israel into her fiery sermons on racial, social and climate justice in an effort to hijack distinct, if not conflicting, grievances and unite them against the Jewish state and its supporters.

Nevertheless, we must hold our noses and learn from Sarsour’s unapologetic “swagger”.

As Zionists, we are so preoccupied with facts and figures that we neglect the power of personality, connection and emotion; mighty forces Sarsour relies upon almost exclusively.

At heart, young Jews are dynamic, interesting and “woke”. We are passionate about human rights and the prevailing issues of the day.

With a measure of confidence and an ounce of chutzpah, we should be standing at the forefront of the “intersectional” tent unapologetically wearing our Zionism on our sleeves and harnessing the power of connection and charisma – faces of the Jewish people’s social justice movement; a cause perfectly compatible with the broader struggle for social justice.

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Aaron Rosenberg is a Canadian litigation lawyer and partner at RE-LAW LLP, a Toronto-based trial and advocacy law firm.
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