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Why is now the perfect time to align your business with the life that you want!


In the context of COVID and the economic crisis that is hitting the world right now, some entrepreneurs will unfortunately not come back from this blow, while those who have been able to reinvent themselves are thriving.

And it is not necessarily because of the industry they are in, or the amount of savings they have, or even because of the types of services they offer, but most of the time it is because of their ability to change and take on a Leadership Mindset.

This was already true before COVID, but, now, it is even more polarised and you can now see more clearly than ever which business will barely survive and which ones will thrive. 

The exceptional times we live in are giving us the unique opportunity to reevaluate our work-life balance, to think strategically about how we can bring our businesses online, to leverage our business model and to reach more clients on a global level. If it seemed impossible before, it is now becoming more and more obvious that it is not only the only way, but sometimes even the smarter way to do business. 

As a Business Strategist and Mentor, I have been working on this Mindset shift for years with my clients entrepreneurs and I have helped them grow and scale their business online even before we even knew what Corona would do to our lives. But being in this economic crisis, I realised that beyond my clients’ individual journey, there is now a need for a global mindset shift so that more and more entrepreneurs realise that the only way to thrive in this new economy is to become leaders of their life and business. 

That is why I decided to organise a Global Online Leadership Summit on November 29th, 30th and December 1st – because I believe that this “crisis” is the perfect opportunity for us to become the leaders of our life and our business, and to align our business with the life that we really want. 

This Global Online Leadership Summit is dedicated for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs all around the world, to offer them, not only a global mindset shift to thrive in their business, but also to allow them to align their business to the possibility of coming to live in Israel – It is now possible, more than ever! 

In order to show how it is possible, I have invited 12 amazing Women Leaders in Business to share their journey and the choices they made as business leaders in Israel, and we will also have the honour and the privilege to welcome Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan Nahoum as our Keynote Speaker.

This Global Online Leadership Summit is open to all Jewish Women Entrepreneurs who, not only want to thrive and be successful even in the current economy, but who also want to align their business to their life choices, and who want to take this opportunity to realise their dream to come live in Israel.  

We are waiting for you on November 29th, 30th and December 1st to be inspired and empowered by amazing speakers and to shift your mindset to anything is possible  – if you can dream it, you can do it!

About the Author
Nathalie Garson is the Founder of the Global Network for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders, the host of the Jewish Woman Entrepreneurs Podcast and the CEO of the Born To Do Business. For the past 11 years, Nathalie has been a Business Mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them grow and scale their business, become the CEO of their business while staying aligned with their Born To Do. In 2020, she created the Global Network of Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders during COVID. Today it is a Non profit which counts more than a 1000 women coming from 18 countries, in order to create friendships and strategic partnerships between Jewish women entrepreneurs in Israel and from the rest of the world. You can join the Global Network here - Nathalie is also the host of The Jewish Women Entrepreneurs Podcast where she has fascinating conversations with guests on Leadership, Jewish Identity and Women Empowerment. Nathalie is originally from France, made Alya 19 years ago with her two kids to Jerusalem where she lives until today with her life partner.
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