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Why is the deal of the century still a thing!?

Our flag. (Photo cred: Wikimedia commons - unknown photographer)

It was crapped upon, damned and doomed to go to the historys trash bin – before even being released. And the only ones who care about it is a small clique of opportunists and victims being victimized again. And again. And again.

The EU, AU, Russia, China, India or Brazil doesn’t care a damn thing about this vague and crappy peace proposal. It’s just one of many who will briefly fly by. In a few months or years – no one will remember it except some historians and maybe some die-hard semi-fascist Trump-supporters.

It’s already history. I don’t get the hype at all – since it won’t bring peace to anyone. But maybe that’s what the right-wingers want? The bibi-supporters? The arab parties of Israel? Does even Jared Kushner care? His lame excuse of asking the Palestinians to come up with something better judt shows he knows nothing about the region, it’s inhabitants ot the history. He is just a spoiled boy in the Trump-clan which in itself will go to history as well – as a bullshit administration with a president who “grabs ’em by the pussy”.

The opportunity of peace will never become reality. Just face it and live with it. The settler enterprise will continue – business as usual. Jerusalem cannot be divided – just look at Berlin or any other divided city, it just doesn’t work. The palestinians will continue their endless waves of protests, resistance and terrorism. We, the Israelis will keep oppressing the common population just trying to live it’s life. We will keep dividing the Palestinian people, we will keep treating our minorities as second class citizens.

And you know what? Not a single country on earth gives a damn anymore. Because the rest of the world is sick and tired of this neverending conflict. It’s so sick and tired that no world leader pays any real attention to neither Israel, the Palestinians or the conflict itself. It doesn’t give a damn about Gaza – or else it would have been solved years ago. It’s come to the point that it didn’t make any headlines outside Israel or parts of the Arab world. Morocco is buying drones from Israel in order to kill people in Western Sahara. Does anyone care about that? No. Did any country except the US or Israel endorse this peace proposal? No – no leader came out and said “I support it, I will work with every party involved to help achieve peace”.

The interest for Israel as a country has diminished, it has turned from a land of opportunities, kibbutzniks and Golda Meir into an epi-center of radical evangelic christian support. Let’s take a good look at ourselves – decades ago charter tourists flooded Eilat and Netanya. What do we have now? Radical biblical tourisn basically. Not to mention the organization who sends US teenagers on a trip to Israel to see the very Bibi-side of things. Now they should of course travel, but from what I have learned after countless testimonies it is showing an extreme pro-israeli version of the country which is untrue and unjust to all Israelis.

If we turn to history – this part of the world has been riddled with conflicts since at least a 1000 years or so back. Probably longer. The crusaders, the ottomans, the englishmen, the french – they all wanted to have a saying about this small strip of land. So why should “the deal of the century” suddenly make us or the Palestinians endorse peace? It just won’t happen. And we all have to live with it. And it sucks so hard. When I talk to colleagues at work they have no clue about what’s going on. It doesn’t matter really what country you go to – people don’t care and they are not interested.

The only thing this unilateral peace proposal has given us so far are some sighs and a bit more disdain of Israel itself. And the Palestinians. And be careful – nothing lasts forever, Israel is a young state and has much to work on. In the same time it wants to play with the big boys – also known as the rest of the western world. But we are not there. Because we keep dividing and classifying people. Because intra-religious marriage is an impossibility. Because of decades of polarization and ever-growing hatred “of the other side”. This comes from both sides and it’s a consequence of upholding a status quo which costs lives, money and tragedy.

So why are you even discussing, promoting, criticizing or even pay attention? Nothing will change. I have for a long time brought Swedes, Germans and Finns to the Holy Land. They loved it once there. But they were scared of going first. Because no single person or media outlet cares. And to be honest the Israeli media doesn’t exactly help building a positive narrative – it’s mostly biased in one way or another and normal people give up reading (one exception is David Horowitz, and it really has NOTHING to do with me blogging here).

So move on, wait for another american president making a lame attempt of creating peace in a land where three world religions meet. With one majority and countless minorities – both jewish, arab, druze and bedouins with it’s differences. At the end of the day it’s on any American president’s checklist to try to broker peace between all of us. It ain’t gonna happen.

This might be the only time I say something positive about Trump, but his slogan of “make America great again” should be applied as “Make Israel great again”. I’m sure people would start to care again.

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