Why Israel can’t accept Palestinian territories claims?

In the past, in that area, there was a kingdom of the Jews. The name was the Kingdom of Judas. To the west, there was once the Kingdom of Israel. Both were power continuation of the King of Solomon, descendants of Isaac (Ishak), son of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) from his wife Sarah (while Islam is from the line of Ishmael, son of Prophet Ibrahim from Siti Hajar). Having been conquered by Babylonians, Persians, Greek, and in 64 BC, Pompey the Great of Rome conquered it and turned it into Roman territory. Its name changed to Province of Judea, meaning the province of the Jews.

Because there were repeated Jewish revolts, in which the Romans had actually massacred many Jews in that era, causing massive migration of Jews out of the Province of Judea. After the famous third rebellion (Bar Kokhba revolt), finally in the era of the Emperor of Handrian, the Province of Judea was renamed Syria Palestina. According to the Roman language at that time, the word Palestina meant a territory without Jews.

In the ancient texts of the history of Abraham / Abraham and his descendants, including the Hebrew Bible and the Crystian Bible, the word Palestine never appears as a word that refers to people who inherited the Canaan area (in Islam it is known as Kana’an). Several figures in the Palestinian movement have said that they are part of the Canaanitte (Canaanite descent), descended from the tribe of Goliath lineage, one of the 12 tribes that became the early history of Israel. Because of this, they claim to be the rightful owners of part of the area of ​​Canaan, which is now Israel, such as the Westbank. But there is no historical evidence to confirm it.

In ancient sources, there is only the word Philistine, which refers to the people who lived in several areas of the Mediterranean coast, from Gaza, Askhelon, and Jericho. According to some historians, Philistine comes from the word Clistine, which means “invader.” They were said to have originated from the island of Crete, Greece. When the Romans conquered Jerusalem, in 64 BC (BC), Rome also controlled Greece and encouraged the migration from Crete to the land of Canaan which became the rule of the Kingdom of Judea. This was done to suppress the number of existing and rebellious Canaanite tribes. Geographically the location is not too far from the island of Crete to the Mediterranean coast of Judea.

Canaan was the area where Abraham grew because it is often known as the land of Abrahamic. Canaan was also the place where Moses (Moses) returned from Egypt bringing slaves of Jewish descent whom he had freed and remained there until the Prophet of David (King David), Prophet of Sulaiman (King of Solomon), Judas, and so on were born. They are prominent figures from the 12 tribes of origin of Israel. So whether in the Hebrew Bible or the Christian Bible, the name Palestine has never appeared in the flow of history there.

From Crete, Greece, the Philistines assimilated with the Arabs, because Jerusalem and Syria Palestina were under Islam for a long time. So that when a DNA test was carried out recently, the DNA of the Palestinians was actually linked to Arabs who were Israel’s neighbors, such as Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon. This is another proof for Israel that the Palestinians do not have ancestors in the region but in Arabia.

The problem is, Islam was not born when the Emperor of Hadrian finally changed the Province of Judea to Syria Palestina in the 135s, after the biggest rebellion of the Israeli tribes against the Romans. At that time, Rome really wanted to erase the history of the origins of the Jews in the land promised by God to them. Violence and torture occurred massively so that there was a lot of migration outside the province of Judea and the population continued to decrease. The same thing happened in small numbers under Islamic rule. So Islam inherited the land of Judea under the name Syria Palestina

Islam was only born after the Prophet Muhammad became an Apostle at the age of 40, around the year 612 (revelation period 612-632) and only ruled Jerusalem in 638 in the hands of the Caliphate Umar bin Khattap. So Islam inherited the Province of Judea which had changed its name to Syiria Palestina (Palestine). Meanwhile, the wave of migration back of Jews to their homelands began to be massive when the first world war broke out. Then the Balfour Declaration was born in 1917 in the hands of the British foreign minister, James Balfour, which promised a “national home” to the Jewish people. And became very massive when Germany was controlled by Hitler and the Nazis

The UK also played with words in the Balfour Declaration, because the word “national home” was not known in international law, whether it refers to an independent state or what, it was unclear, so it did not violate international law. Apart from that, Britain was also doing double-dealing secretly, because 2 years earlier Britain had an agreement with France, the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which divided the former Ottoman territory into two mandated areas. Britain got Mesopotamia / Iraq (the oil factor) and Palestine. Then France got Lebanon and Syria. It was on this partition that Syria was separated again from Palestine. Then Jerusalem became an international area

Even more than that, Britain also made an agreement with the ruler of the Hijaz, Saudi Arabia now, Syarif Hussein. Britain would help the Arab World become an independent state from Ottoman rule and would come under the rule of Hussein Syarief (the Arab world includes Iraq / Mesopotamia, Syria Palestina, Lebanon, Trans Jordan, commonly called the Levant). The three different agreements all contradict each other.

After Russia withdrew from the First World War due to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, the communist revolution, the Russian media exposed the secret British and French agreement, Sykes-Picot. Knowing that Hussein Syarief was furious, but could not do anything about it, because not long after that General Allenby had taken control of all Arabs, last entering Jerusalem in October 1917.

This was where the dispute started. Then in the second world war, Jews became Hitler’s butt. More than 6 million people died in Nazi camps. Massive migration back to the land of origin took place. Eventually, the number of Jews multiplied in Syria Palestina or Palestine. And armed with the 1917 Balfour agreement, David Ben Gurion finally declared the independent state of Israel in 1948, which the day after was attacked by five neighboring Arab countries. After being crushed by Holocaust in Europe via Hitler’s hands, the Arab World wanted to repeat it. Israel fought back and was considered victorious at the 1949 armistice.

Since the power of Rome, then the name of the area changed to Syria Palestina, continued to the Islamic and Roman wars before and after the crusade, until the first and second world wars, the Philistines who had assimilated with the Arabs also migrated to various areas in the region claimed by Israel. After the October War, Egyptian and Syrian retaliation for the Six Days War, the borders changed again, Sinai returned to Egypt, and Westbank was expelled from Israel. Palestinian migrants left there. And unfortunately, Wesbank is not a country and is not incorporated into the Jordan state, so it remains a conflict area. Even worse, Westbank is a holy area for Jews, where Judea and Samaria were.

Because of that, secretly Israel continues to encourage the Jews to move thereby building new settlements. Unfortunately, the results are very random. The settlements of Jews and Palestinians are in a random position, even so random that they can no longer be drawn a clear dividing line. So that there have been suggestions from several parties who understand the situation on the ground that the most likely path is no longer a two-state solution, but a federation, in which Palestine is made a state of Israel, such as Quebec in Canada.

On the other hand, Israel does not accept the concept of land for peace diplomacy anymore, the land is returned and can be normalized with the Arab world. Because according to Israel, as the story above, it is actually Palestinians who occupy their area, not the other way around. However, in 2005, Israel actually followed this logic, after the Arab Initiative in 2002. Israel emptied Gaza, 100,000 Israelis were forced out of Gaza. Then what happened, it turned out that Gaza becomes the location for Hamas to bring its missile launchers closer to Israel. In just one year after 2005, tens of thousands of missiles were released from Gaza. Israeli imagines that if the missiles moved to the Westbank, all of Israel would become the target of Hamas missiles.

And to this day, Palestinians still feel like heirs of some of the former Canaanite area. In fact, for a long time, actually many historians and diplomats have warned. One of the prominent figures and leaders in Arabia in 1937, Awni Abdul Hadi, has warned before the United Nations. “There is no such country as Palestine! ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria,” he said.

Then the Arab historian, Phillip Hitti also said the same thing before the American Congress. “There is no such thing as Palestine, absolutely not.” The Saudi envoy to the UN in 1956 also said clearly that: “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing, but Southern Syria.” And do not forget, after Hafez Al Assad ascended the throne to become dictator of Syria, he also gave such a lecture to Yaser Arafat. He said: “Never forget this one point: there is not such thing as Palestinian people. There is no Palestine Entity. Palestine is integral part of Syria.

And when Golda Meir, Israel’s first female prime minister, made that statement in 1969, the world suddenly became messy. And haven’t met its end until today. The situation is difficult, as difficult as it is for Palestinians to get Egyptian citizenship, for example. When Gur Dur, the president of Indonesia from 1999-2001, wanted to open diplomatic relations with Israel, so that Indonesia could be more actively involved in promoting peace in the Middle East, because it was impossible to open the taps of communication if diplomacy was not opened, Gus Dur was attacked all over the place of Indonesian public space, until finally, he stepped down.

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